Alessandro Sallusti and Patrizia of Habsburg Lorraine, double marriage: first civil, then… romantic by the sea

The director of Libero and the princess-columnist said yes twice. First in the municipality, in Milan, in front of the mayor Beppe Sala. Then in Fiascherino, in Liguria. And to celebrate the second, very witty ceremony there is a familiar face
Entertainment 2023-06-05 12:03:01 by Alex Klark

Nina Zilli, daughter Anna Blue was born. And with dad Danti, she is already a star

The singer shares the first images of her daughter from the rapper Danti and born on the day of the Republic Day: Let this journey, which already seems incredible to me, begin
Entertainment 2023-06-05 11:43:04 by Alex Klark

Alena Seredova talks about the marriage with Alessandro Nasi: 'Everything is ready, no anxiety'

Twelve years after the love wedding (and of pain) with Gigi Buffon (I'm not one who takes revenge but neither is one who forgets), the former model is ready for the second yes. Here she tells how she recovered from the darkest moment. And she has a lot to say about how one can be reborn
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Bianca Atzei and Stefano Corti, first sea (extra-luxury) with their son Noa Alexander

The singer and the Hyena enjoy the Sardinian sea in a five-star resort. She is back in great shape, he performs in strongman poses. And the little one writes a logbook. Exhilarating
Entertainment 2023-06-04 15:41:02 by Alex Klark

Kiev: 'We have the weapons for the counter-offensive'. And the US is concerned: 'Actions across the border would lead to escalation'

Ukrainians deny being involved in the conflict in Belgorod. Kharkiv under attack. Wagner arrests a Russian commander. A contract would try to sell Iranian arms to Moscow. The EU extends the export restrictions on Kiev wheat
Actuality 2023-06-06 03:36:03 by Alex Klark

Omar Favaro, twenty-two years after the crimes of Novi Ligure, investigated for sexual assault and ill-treatment of his ex-wife

Now forty years old, the man who, very young, helped his girlfriend Erika De Nardo to kill her mother and little brother, is now under investigation for crimes in the family. The investigating judge rejects the arrest request. The lawyer: Don't exploit his past
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Ylenia Carrisi, mother Romina Power and brother Yari: 'We like to think he's traveling'

We have all changed after that story, they (still) moved. And then, he also has some for his parents
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The Russian city of Belgorod under attack. The Kremlin: 'Kiev has increasingly advanced weapons, possible escalation of the conflict'

The Belgorod governor ready to meet the rebels. Podolyak: 'We observe the fall of Putin'. The Ukrainians regain control of the suburbs of Bakhmut and every day they arrest twenty compatriots who try to leave the country by evading the military service. Very high tensions between the US and China
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