11 September 2001, the attack that changed the world explained to those who were not there

21 years have passed since 11 September 2001, when America suffered the most serious attack on its territory. But what exactly happened and why did conspiracy theories develop on such a sensational fact?

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Exactly 21 years have passed since the most serious attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor. On September 11, 2001, four hijacked planes lashed out at the United States: two knock down the twin towers, a symbol of the Western economy, and one hit the Pentagon as the world watched in amazement on live television. Since then the world will change and the war on Islamic terrorism will begin. But on how the facts really took place, many of the conspiracy were also born, in which more than 50% of Americans believe, according to a survey by Chapman University. What happened that day? - Photo | video

Attack on the Twin Towers, 17 years later, an unpublished shocking video appears. Not to forget - video

THE FACTS - At 8.46 am, American time, an American Airlines Boeing 767 with 76 passengers on board was hijacked and crashed into the north tower of the World Trade center , the complex of buildings that houses the Twin Towers skyscrapers, the twin towers 417 and 415 meters high, in Manhattan, New York. The incredible event brings all the televisions in the world to connect. And 17 minutes later, everyone witnesses the second crash live: another hijacked Boeing, with 51 passengers, cuts the south tower in two. Soon after, the towers implode on themselves. America is at a standstill and at 9.37 a third Boeing, a 757, crashes on the west front of the Pentagon. A fourth plane should hit Capitol Hill, seat of the American Congress, but the 33 passengers rebel: it crashes to the ground at 10.03 in Pennsylvania, two hundred kilometers from the target.

September 11: the video story (with unpublished images) of the day that changed history - video

THE ATTACKERS AND THE VICTIMS - 2,977 people die, 2606 of them only in the Twin Towers. 343 firefighters will be killed in the rescue operations. There are 19 terrorists. They only used edged weapons to hijack the planes. The attack is claimed by Al Qaeda, a Sunni terrorist organization headed by Osama Bin Laden, a Saudi fundamentalist, the son of a wealthy construction contractor who became well-known in the Afghanistan war against the USSR. The terrorists, divided into three groups of three and one of four, have various origins: fifteen Saudis, two from the United Arab Emirates, a Lebanese and an Egyptian.

September 11, 2001: and the world discovered terror - guard

WAR ON TERRORISM - US President George W. Bush reacts immediately by unleashing the war in Afghanistan to overthrow the Taliban government that would protect Bin Laden and to disrupt Al Qaeda. In the wake of the offensive against Islamic terrorism that takes hold, Bush also leads a coalition in 2003 against the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein, accused of conniving with the 9/11 command and hiding chemical weapons. In reality, neither links with Al Qaeda, nor chemical weapons will be found.

Afghanistan, American drone kills Al Zawahiri, the leader of Al Qaeda. Joe Biden: 'Justice is done' - guard

DEATH OF BIN LADEN AND RETURN OF THE TALEBANS - Bin Laden is nowhere to be found, but he continues to send threatening video messages to the world for years. He is killed in a raid in 2011, in the Islamabad hideout where he was hiding. But no one will ever see his body, buried at sea by special forces. The United States leaves Afghanistan in August 2021. The Taliban will return to the government.

Here is Rob O’Neill, the marine who eliminated Osama Bin Laden: 'I killed him with three shots to the head' - guard

THE RECONSTRUCTION - On the ashes of Ground Zero, as the World Trade Center site is renamed, the Freedom Tower is built, the tallest skyscraper in the United States: 541 meters and 94 floors. The other buildings in the complex are also being redone, with a museum and a memorial. In place of the 3 World Trade Center, which housed a 22-story, 825-room hotel and connected the Twin Towers, now stands the Three World Trade Center, a new 356-meter skyscraper that houses a permanent exhibition on 9/11. , with the works of artists from all over the world, including that of a single Italian, the street artist of Pompeii Nello Petrucci.

Mother's desperation at the funeral of Giovanni Lo Porto, the aid worker killed in Afghanistan by an American drone - guard

PLOT THEORIES - Several conspiracy theories have arisen about the 9/11 attack. The most widespread in America is that according to which the government has hidden a lot of information on the facts, up to those who claim that behind the attack there was a plot hatched by American entities to justify subsequent wars. The theories are also based on some specific facts such as the implosion of the two towers apparently similar to a controlled detonation or the fact that no one stopped the hijackers after the first crash. In Italy, the best known supporter of an alternative version of the attack is Massimo Mazzucco. Paolo Attivissimo, on the other hand, is the most famous factchecker who has tried to dismantle any conspiracy on the case. However, such theories still stand today. In 2016, a Chapman University poll revealed that 54.3% of Americans believed a 9/11 plot. Just to put an end to the doubts, in September 2021 Joe Biden declassified the FBI documents on the investigation.

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