Aboubakar Soumahoro, mother-in-law admits: 'Unpaid salaries'. The union: '400 thousand euros not paid'

The woman at the head of the migrant reception cooperatives makes the first admissions before the labor inspectors and reaches an agreement with three employees. But the work situations to be remedied would be many more

 Aboubakar-Soumahoro-Moglie-Suocera-1 Aboubakar Soumahoro with his wife Liliane and daughter-in-law Maria Therese Mukamistindo Photo Video

Maria Therese Mukamistindo, mother-in-law of Aboubakar Soumahoro, admitted: she has not paid salaries to employees. The justification is always the same: the delays of the clients and the blocked money. But, in the end, she reached an agreement and will pay the amount due to three workers of the Aid and Karibu Consortium cooperatives managed by her and, at the material time, also by her daughter Liliane Murekatete, wife of the deputy of the Green Alliance-Italian Left. – Photo | video

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AGREEMENTS WITH EMPLOYEES - The negotiation took place in front of the commission of the Labor Inspectorate of Latina. At the end, Maria Therese left without making a statement, while Youssef Kadmiri, one of the employees, spoke visibly satisfied: “We knew it. Everyone knew it. Only the Uiltucs trade unionist listened to us. Soumahoro knew that too. He came to bring shopping for underage boys who were treated badly, often they didn't get breakfast, little food, used clothes and were forced to work outside to buy what they needed because they also took away their pocket money so they didn't go to school.' In addition to that of Kadmiri, two other disputes were under discussion. Those of Stefania Di Ruocco and Mohamed El Motaraji. In particular, the former obtained over 21,000 euros including severance pay: it had not been paid for almost two years. This is only a small part of the situations to be remedied which, according to the Uiltucs union, would weigh more than 400 thousand euros never paid.

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