Aboubakar Soumahoro, suspicions also on anti-corporate funds. Fratoianni: 'I don't regret having nominated him'

The two cooperatives of his wife and mother-in-law have collected funds of over 60 million in twenty years. But rents and unpaid workers turn up: like those who had worked on a project against illegal hiring...

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Aboubakar Soumahoro, something pops up every day that passes. From the investigation papers by the Latina public prosecutor's office on the Karibu and Consorzio Aid cooperatives owned by his wife Liliane Murekatete and mother-in-law Maria Therese Mukamitsindo, everything emerges: from over 60 million euros in funds received in twenty years, to rents and unpaid employees. The last? Those who, paradox of paradoxes, worked on a project against illegal hiring. But Nicola Fratoianni, national secretary of the Italian Left and deputy of the Green-Left Alliance, who wanted Soumahoro on the list, says: 'I do not regret the choice' Photo | video 1 | video 2 | video 3 | video 4

This is how Aboubakar Soumahoro's wife Liliane reacts to questions Aboubakar Soumahoro's wife Liliane reacts to questions this way

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AGAINST THE CORPORALS - The project against illegal hiring was called PerLa. Karibu was among the cooperatives that had to take the migrants away from the exploiters. Except that he didn't really pay those who worked on the project, so much so that the union was forced to intervene to reach an agreement. Tell one of them al Corriere della Sera : «I worked on the PerLa project as a linguistic mediator. Was beautiful. He helped those who, like me, had arrived in Italy looking for work and finding people who took advantage of them. I was already at Karibu since 2017. The project lasted another 4 months. Then it finished. But they didn't give me the money. They told me there were delays. That they would pay me asap. But it never happened: I contacted the Uiltucs union and months later, last July, we reached an agreement. I hope it's respected.' Aline, on the other hand, does not hide her anger, also because, if the workers were not paid, the family of the deputy's wife apparently had opened a resort in Rwanda: «We learned about the resort in Rwanda in 2018, when there was a serious late payments. I had worked in various structures between 2015 and 2021. But from the beginning the salaries were paid irregularly. And when they jumped, not even pocket money was given to the migrants, often creating moments of tension. In the end, we employees turned to the unions, Karibu also contacted USB to attempt mediation. Our protest was immediately silenced. But the fact that they did not pay the workers was known to all. Even on USB ». Another person who worked for the co-ops and never got paid talks to the Handle requesting anonymity: «The whole family has virtually dedicated itself to helping people but in reality what we workers think is that we have been fooled. When I saw Aboubakar in the videos and everything he said it made me laugh. He can't say that he didn't see, he didn't hear and he wasn't part of the situation ».

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UNPAID RENTALS - AND The print does the math, revealing that the two cooperatives 'not only did they not pay the workers or pay their contributions, not only did they not pay taxes, but they even did not pay the rent of the various houses where they hosted adult and minor migrants'. The newspaper talks about dozens of apartments used by Karibu and the Aid Consortium and the fact that many owners of the properties, both in Sezze and in Latina, did not receive the regular payment of the rent. In Latina “there is the owner of a house who is still waiting to receive 30 thousand euros. Also in this case, as for the 26 employees awaiting salary for a total of 400 thousand euros, the people in credit with the two coops for rents turned to the Uiltucs union which was the first to report the anomalies of Karibu and Aid ”.

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I DO NOT REGRET - There is currently only one suspect in the investigation, for embezzlement. And she is the mother-in-law of the deputy, self-suspended from the party, whose image as a former leader of the laborers comes out, euphemistically, in pieces. The vice president of the Chamber, Fabio Rampelli, Fdi attacks: “What emerges from the investigations into the Soumahoro clan arouses bewilderment and repugnance. A reception management system that is configured, at times, with scenarios of criminal association'. But, guest of Half an hour more , on Rai Tre, Nicola Fratoianni, national secretary of the Italian Left and deputy of the Verdi-Left Alliance, has no remorse for having nominated the Italian-Ivorian for Parliament: 'I do not regret my choice. I hope that the evolution of this story will lead to a solution and I will take care to protect those who continue to work on this front. But who knew there was a Soumahoro business, but what did I know? If I have a report, then this calls into question the candidacy of a person who fought great battles and who strengthened the ground for work on the issue of migrants and the question of the ghettos on which we have always worked rigorously, consistently and often in solitude. We are a small but dignified party”.

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