Achille Occhetto, his son Malcom died of a heart attack: 'Unspeakable pain'

Film-maker and director of photography, the son of the last PCI secretary died in Las Palmas. His father: 'Petrified'. The condolences of the political world

 achille occhetto malcolm Malcolm Occhetto was only 52 years old

Tragedy in the home of Achille Occhetto, the secretary of the transition from the Italian Communist Party to the PDS: his son Malcom died at the age of only 52, struck down by a heart attack. The father: 'Unspeakable pain'.

Alessia Marcuzzi in Piazza Duomo in Milan with pajamas... Alessia Marcuzzi in Piazza Duomo in Milan with pajamas...

THE ANNOUNCEMENT - It was Achille, 86, who gave the news on Facebook, posting a photo of his son in a serene moment, intent on preparing some dishes in the kitchen: 'My son Malcom was killed by a heart attack in Las Palmas. I communicate it petrified and with inexpressible pain to his friends with this image of life ”. Film-maker and cinematographer, Malcolm died in Las Palmas. He was one of two children that the former Communist secretary had from his first wife, the Italian-Somali actress Elisa Kadigia Bove. Occhetto subsequently remarried Aureliana Alberici, a university professor and former senator.

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THE CONDOLENCE OF POLITICS - In these hours the messages of condolence from politics arrive. Starting from the former DS secretary Piero Fassino: “There are no words that can soothe the immense pain of the loss of a child. An affectionate hug to Achille Occhetto prostrated by the sudden disappearance of Malcom'. Goffredo Bettini, Pd, writes under Achilles' post: 'A very strong hug in the face of this frightening pain. Many memories, even family ones, resurface. I am close to you with friendship and gratitude. Because you and your family are a fundamental part of the path of the left community, and in some way, also of my life ”.