Tony Garnett and Sofiia Karkadym, left his wife and children to escape with the Ukrainian refugee. Here's how it ended

Tony Garnett left his wife and two children to move in with Sofiia Karkadym, a Ukrainian refugee fleeing the war. But she ended badly ...
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Viktor Orban breaks the European front on sanctions against Russia: 'They are subject to referendum'

The Hungarian premier puts sanctions against Moscow in a referendum. 261,000 citizens fled Russia after the mobilization of the reservists. Yellow on the closure of the borders
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What would the NHS serve and what have the parties forgotten?

While Italy goes to the polls, the Gimbe Foundation analyzed the electoral programs to assess the importance politicians place on citizens' health
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Fabio Liverani, the last poignant memory of his wife Federica: 'I would have given my life for her'

The Cagliari coach remembers the last moments with his wife suffering from brain tumor: “He smiled and fought. Federica wanted to live, for our children. Federica was her life '
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Patriarch Kirill as in the time of the Crusades: 'Wash away all sins for those who die in Ukraine'

As the great flight from Moscow continues, the patriarch at the head of the Russian Orthodox Church returns to the plenary indulgences of the Crusades and promises that all sins will be forgiven the dead in the war. From September 28, the enlisted of Putin's land will not be able to leave the country
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The result of the elections

The exit polls. The projections. The real data. Everything you need to know about the night that will change Italy
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Hadis Najafi, killed the 'girl with the tail' who demonstrated for Mahsa Amini

She was 20, she had become the symbol of the protest that is shaking Iran. She was killed with six bullets in Karaj, near Tehran. In one video she tied her hair with an elastic before a demonstration
Actuality 2022-09-25 18:44:01 by Alex Klark

Angelo Massaro, 21 years in prison as innocent: 'You have to give me back my life'

He spent most of his life in a cell, accused of killing his best friend. A film now tells about the judicial error and the rebirth. While there is still no compensation
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Leaders to vote: Mattarella to applause, Salvini 'undisciplined', Meloni on social media

The President of the Republic was the first to vote (in Palermo). Then it was the turn of the head of the League (who broke the electoral silence), the secretary of the Democratic Party, and the dioscuri of Action. The favorite for now is limited to tweeting
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Filippo Sorcinelli, the rock tailor: 'I'll dress the Pope'

He made the clothes of the last two Popes. His vestments refer to medieval sacred art and aim for perfection in every detail. But he only wears black, as a reminder of when he was in danger of falling apart
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