Adriano Panatta and his marriage to Anna Bonamigo at the age of 70: 'We continue to amaze us every day'

Despite some doubts ('I was hesitant. The sporting past, the fame as a womanizer') the lawyer and the former tennis player could not resist the passion and their beautiful relationship still continues today at full speed. As they tell in this couple interview

 Borg McEnroe Red Carpet - 12th Rome Film Fest Adriano Panatta and Anna Bonamigo, romantic wedding in Venice Photo Video

Anna Bonamigo and Adriano Panatta met in Capri in 2013, but they got married only in 2020. The decision to get married took place during the first lockdown and the civil ceremony was celebrated at the Ca' Farsetti town hall in Venice, with an intimate and private ceremony. The couple returns to talk about their love, born late in life, in an interview with Corriere della Sera – Photo | video

Adriano Panatta and Anna Bonamigo, romantic wedding in Venice. Watch the video Adriano Panatta and Anna Bonamigo, romantic wedding in Venice. Watch the video

Adriano Panatta and Anna Bonamigo, romantic wedding in Venice – guard

THE BEGINNINGS OF LOVE – She is a civil lawyer, he is a former tennis player, for some they are the most beautiful couple in Treviso where he, a Roman from Rome, moved for love. The two met in Capri in 2013 and Bonamigo recounts that moment like this: 'I remembered him stiff, that year I find him softened but nothing happens. I go back to Treviso, he calls me: I have to organize a tennis thing there, can you make an appointment with the mayor? I welcome him, I take him around, we chat. We begin to feel. One day, seeing him again, I realize that his little eye has lit up. He starts courting me ”. From there was born a passion that will lead them to stay together for the next nine years.

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SOME DOUBTS, BUT FEW – “We remarried as adults, each after a first divorce. He's 70 years old, I'm a few years younger. We have never stopped believing in the institution of marriage, we still wanted to feel like a family. Ours is a mature but cheerful love, we continue to be amazed every day'. And about the fact that she had some anxiety before embarking on this relationship, she replies: 'A thousand doubts! I was hesitant. His sporting past, his fame as a womanizer…”.

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THE MARRIAGE PROPOSAL – It was traditional: 'A note that accompanied a bouquet of roses on January 29, my birthday: best wishes, love, do you want to marry me? Post scriptum: only if you feel like it, huh”. The wedding tells the former tennis player was a special day. “For the first time in my life, I was able to gather my three children, my two nephews and my two brothers in the same room. And then a funny thing happened. I was smoking outside Ca' Farsetti, waiting for you. A young married couple passes by, she is gorgeous, with a Middle Eastern air. Famo in exchange? I asked her husband. We laughed like fools. Then you came, beautiful. And I capitulated.'