After moving out of Wendler: Deutsche Bahn makes a laugh with a comment

  Michael Wendler and Laura Müller are currently looking for a new home in the USA. Michael Wendler and Laura Müller are currently looking for a new home in the USA. Image: imago/ Chris Emil Janßen

Michael Wendler, one of the most famous pop singers in the country, has been quiet for the past two years. Because he had spread crude theories about the corona pandemic, RTL threw him out of the 'DSDS' jury in 2021. His Instagram account was also suspended after violating the platform's usage guidelines. Since then, Wendler has been spreading disinformation on Telegram.

The former Schlager star, who Germany became persona non grata, now lives in the USA, more precisely in Florida. In October 2020 he emigrated to America with his wife Laura Müller, but apparently he can't find peace there either. Noisy ' picture Since then, the couple has relocated several times within the country.

  Michael Wendler had to do his jury job in 2021"DSDS" aufgeben. Michael Wendler had to give up his jury job at 'DSDS' in 2021. Bild: TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

The pair recently made headlines after their landlord allegedly evicted them from their home in Cape Coral. Wendler has repeatedly caused hustle and bustle in the quiet neighborhood, writes ' picture '. In addition, the neighbors are said to have gotten wind of his problems in Germany.

Opposite to ' t-online ' Wendler now denied this version. 'I can confirm that I did not extend the lease. It is by no means correct that the landlord gave notice,' he told the news portal.

Deutsche Bahn makes aluminum hat joke

Whether by mutual agreement or not, Deutsche Bahn has them story understood by the Wendler excerpt as a steep template for a joke. Regarding a screenshot of the headline 'Michael Wendler and Laura Müller have to leave Villa in Florida', DB Cargo, which is responsible for freight transport, writes: 'We have experience in transporting aluminum'.

The train is alluding to allegations that Wendler was repeatedly referred to as an aluminum hat wearer because of his corona conspiracy theories. Even before the lateral thinker movement triggered by the corona pandemic, the aluminum hat was considered a derogatory collective term for conspiracy believers. It is said to protect its wearer from radiation and thus from alleged mental manipulation by the government.

The joke is mostly well received by DB followers. 'Strong train' writes an applauding. Another does it like the previous speaker and stays true to the train metaphors. 'I thought the two were already on the sidelines anyway,' he jokes.

Among the comments there are also concerns that the railways are serious and really bring the disgraced singer to Germany. 'Just leave him where he is now,' writes a worried user.