Alba Parietti and her boyfriend Fabio Adami tell their love for the first time: 'I'm the most jealous'

The presenter has been with her new partner for ten months now. But so far they had never revealed details of their relationship. They make up for it with this interview

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The love between Alba Parietti and her boyfriend Fabio Adami, manager of the Italian Post Office, has just passed ten months of life. She, very tender, celebrates on social media ('it's our tenth anniversary... Ten months of absolute happiness, you're all I needed', with a deluge of hearts attached). And now, together, they reveal the details of their relationship for the first time, from love at first sight to 'non-marriage', in this interview. For Alba, 61, it is the first important story after a long period in which men 'were games, people I had fun with and who had fun with me” – exclusive photos | video

Alba Parietti and her love for Fabio: 'I was terrified, then he arrived' Alba Parietti and her love for Fabio: 'I was terrified, then he arrived'

Alba Parietti and her boyfriend Fabio Adam, what kisses! – exclusive

'CONVICT WAS THE TRAIN' – Fabio Adami and Alba Parietti meet on the Milan-Rome train. «It was March 23, 2022. I had to pick him up an hour before, he 2 hours later. Fabio reveals: «We wore a mask, I didn't recognize it right away. I was sitting two seats ahead, with her back, but I spied on her with my cell phone, like a rear-view mirror », they tell Corriere della Sera. And she: «Her shape struck me. As she put the trolley up, we exchanged our first glance. During the journey I admired his shoulders. Then at the height of Lake Bolsena I went into the bathroom to settle down and he recognized me ». Alba in train is quite attentive to those around her: in her latest book The Narcissus Hunter - in which she recounts the bad experiences she had with arid seducers who ensnared and then disappointed her -  she said she 'fell in love' with Father Georg, met by chance and never seen again. «He is a beautiful man, I couldn't take my eyes off him and looking at him evoked strange thoughts in me». But let's go back to the new love, Fabio Adami, who confesses that he has always had a passion for the beautiful showgirl. So much so that he has kept an autographed photo of him from the time of Galagol. «In my company there was a friend who worked at Telemontecarlo and we all begged him to let us know Alba Parietti, in the heyday on the Galagoal stool. Until one day she arrived with a black and white photo with an autograph and the inscription: to Fabio ». The journey on the convict train ends with him running to help her off, forgetting her cell phone on her seat, and hands her his business card. “I was confused. Something had happened, a stroke of lightning: I ran away. As soon as I got into the car waiting for me outside, however, I sent him a message: 'I'd be curious to see the other half of the face'. I added the smiley with the mask and signed A.P.».

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“A QUESTION OF COEXISTENCE” - The story continues, with another meeting on the train, then a dinner with friends and the next alone, with a first kiss. Three months later and they went to live together; she met her children (he is separated…. and Fabio's mother, he made friends with Francesco (Oppini, the forty-year-old son that Alba had from Franco Oppini, with whom she was married from 1981 to 1990 ).
«I met Francesco 20 days after the first train journey, in Basiglio. It was a bit of a shock, not for him, but because that day I experienced first-hand what it meant to be with her: a paparazzi was waiting for us'. Alba's exposure to the media is one of the reasons for the first quarrels between the two. “Little happened, maybe four times in all. But when it happens, he goes from being Prince Charming to the Lebanese of the Banda della Magliana. And, I have to admit, I find it even sexier.' But of the two the most jealous is Alba: 'I see how the others look at him. Since he has been with me, five thousand women have asked him to follow him on Instagram ».

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“A PARTY… LIKE BERLUSCONI'S” - The interview continues in absolute tenderness, enclosed in the looks and in the sweetest words. «For me, Fabio is family. In three words: a decent person. A figure identical to that of my father, who was beautiful, seductive, with great ethics and dignity. And then he fills me with surprises. Every 'month anniversary' he sends me a wonderful bouquet of red roses. Is present. He asks for his space just to be with his youngest son, and I respect that a lot ». “Alba is sweet, sentimental, romantic, very intelligent, capable. I watched the recordings of your new program: you are incredibly familiar with it ». Future plans? 'We have such an important relationship that it is as if we were already married.' Alba: 'Maybe we'll have a non-wedding party, like Berlusconi!'

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