Alba Parietti: «Elections? Let's hope she is female. I'll be free to fight Meloni '

They called it 'the long thigh of the left'. Today the showgirl says: 'I do not share anything with the thought of the leader of the Brothers of Italy, but her victory would still be a sign of change'

 parietti_opening Alba Parietti without make-up and without filters: “Being loved makes you feel like a goddess”. Photo Video

Alba Parietti takes sides. And she chooses women. 'I grew up with a father who lived on political passion,' she explains in an interview with Oggi, on newsstands tomorrow , «And I can no longer feel it: often the voters have no historical memory. At this point, looking at the next elections, I say: let's hope she is female. I follow the polls and, if the right will win, I hope in the figure of Giorgia Meloni and in the signal of change that she could represent. I do not share anything about her thought, but I have great respect for her, for her consistency, for her tenacity. I consider it a very good policy. If you win, you will mean that I can have the freedom to take sides against your thought of her. ' Photo | video

Alba Parietti 'without filters' on social media: 'Thanks to love, I feel like a goddess. Even without makeup

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 !P!Oggi!IS!0035.2022!N!35 COVER!E!.pdf UN'ESTATE D'AMORE - Thus Alba Parietti, former 'long leg of the left', in an interview with Oggi tells about 'the most beautiful summer' of her life and her new love, Fabio Adami: 'Get married? In the moment of blinding passion as it is for us now, we do not feel any need. In this phase of my life I feel like when in a match at the 90th the goal that brings victory arrives… It was a meeting of destiny, on the train, twice in a row. We met on the Milan-Rome route and we exchanged fiery glances… The truth is that we were destined to meet, so much so that a week later we found ourselves on the same train, at the same time, like in a film ».

Alba Parietti and her new boyfriend Fabio Adami are no longer hiding! - guard