Alba Parietti with her new boyfriend Fabio Adami: 'It's the best summer of my life' - exclusive

They called it 'the long thigh of the left'. Today you say: 'I do not agree with Giorgia Meloni's thoughts, but her victory would still be a sign of change'. And she tells everything about her new love. Exclusively on Today

  alba-parietti-fabio-adami-today-35 Alba Parietti no longer hides: here she is with her new love, Fabio Adami Photo Video

The Fenice Dawn. How many times have we seen Parietti rise from her ashes and return more gritty and radiant than before? In what Alba called 'the most beautiful summer of my life', she talks about her probable return in prime time with I'm not a lady (a song show in drag queen sauce, scheduled to air in November on Rai 2); and for her love affair with Fabio Adami, with whom she is spending her first couple holidays in Ibiza. On social media, everyone is betting on orange blossom - Photo | video

Alba, are you getting married? 'No, really. We are both so happy, I then think that marriage is not beneficial for the passion - quite the contrary! - maybe because I got married too young ( with Franco Oppini in 1981 , ed). In the moment of blinding passion as it is for us now, we do not feel any need. In this phase of my life I feel like when in a match at the 90th the goal that brings the victory arrives ».

How did you meet? “It was a meeting of fate, on the train, twice in a row. We saw each other on the Milan-Rome and we exchanged fiery glances. Then, at the end of the trip, he came to introduce himself. I was terrified because I felt very strong feelings for a stranger, and this is not like me. Then I ran away with my heart in my throat, like Cinderella at Termini Station. The truth is that we were destined to meet, so much so that a week later we found ourselves on the same train, at the same time, like in a movie ».

Alba Parietti and her new boyfriend Fabio Adami are no longer hiding! - exclusive

You have declared that this is the best summer of your life. I remind her about what he repeated to her, unheard of her, of her mother: 'Alba, happiness should not be exhibited!' 'Joseph also told me ( Lanza di Scalea, former teammate of Parietti who died in 2020 , ed), for that matter! And I also tell myself this. Happiness does not exhibit itself because there are people to whom it hurts and, as Giuseppe argued, good things should only be told to those who love you. Happiness hurts those who don't have it '.

Alba Parietti 'without filters' on social media: 'Thanks to love, I feel like a goddess. Even without makeup

She was born on July 2, 1961, and her father Francesco named her in honor of the first Piedmontese city liberated in 1945. 'True, even half a father would have wanted a son. For me he was an extraordinary man, even more so. Concrete, granite, always present ... Can I tell you the truth? So similar to Fabio in character! My mother Grazia also agreed on the name, but for a different reason: her only friend, a painter, was called Alba '.

Summer 1979: participates in the national selections of Miss Universe, winning them. 'I went there to represent the Turin broadcaster I worked for, Grp. Initially my parents were very against it, then the director phoned my father and convinced him, so we left for Rome, with the certainty that nothing would come of it. There were fierce fathers and mothers, other than the film Extremely beautiful ! When they announced my victory, my father was on the verge of fainting from desperation, because I would have had to go to Australia, in Perth, for two months, to represent Italy, just me who until then had never slept away from mom and dad. . We spent a sleepless night, after which we decided that, since I was a minor and my father had not signed the release, I would give up the title ».

Before her success as a presenter, she was a singer of discomusic, with the stage name Alba. 'In the meantime I was engaged to Franco Oppini of the Gatti di Vicolo Miracoli, indeed I was engaged to the whole group because I followed them all summer on tour and I had become' the fifth cat '. While we were in Sicily, I became pregnant with Francesco, and in April 1982 I became the mother of a child, still feeling like a child. When Francesco was very young, thanks to the songs I had the opportunity to travel around Europe '.

Alba Parietti, queen of fitness shows herself without makeup - video

After 14 years of apprenticeship, his fame exploded in 1990 with the conduction of Galagoal on the then Telemontecarlo. Is it true that the stool that became famous was the one in the make-up room? 'Yes, because it was the only session there was in the very small studios. But the sports editorial team was one of the best and I, while studying hard, was good at showing off a mastery of the subject that I did not have, even when the guests were called Maradona, Pelé, Platini ».

A year later, again in the summer, we find her at the helm of the variety La piscina on Rai 3 'Rai 3 was a very busy broadcaster, and Angelo Guglielmi wanted me very strongly. It was he who first spoke of my 'wildness'. He was one of my mentors, I remember him with enormous gratitude ».

Of his loves, the most in the media is the one with actor Christopher Lambert, summer 1996, announced on the evening news. 'The problem was precisely the excess of exposure, from start to finish. With Christopher I felt like Mia Farrow The purple rose of Cairo , with the actor coming out of the screen and coming towards you '.

Together with Vittorio Sgarbi, you invented the figure of the columnist. 'And this in times when it was not so widespread, always studying and never being caught unprepared, even on complex topics such as the health emergency'.

Thanks to her opinions, she became a real estate developer. How many houses did you buy? 'Several. In some I live there, the others I have made an income. It has become my second business ».

How do you live the expectation of September 25th, who at the time was called 'the long thigh of the Left'? “I grew up with a father who lived on political passion, and I can no longer feel it: often the voters have no historical memory. At this point, looking at the next elections, I say: let's hope you are female ».

In the sense of Giorgia Meloni? «I follow the polls and, if the right will win, I hope in the figure of Giorgia Meloni and in the signal of change that it could represent. I do not share anything about her thought, but I have great respect for her, for her consistency, for her tenacity. I consider it a very good policy. If you win, you will mean that I can have the freedom to take sides against your thoughts about her, as it is possible to do in any democratic country ».