Albano Carrisi: “The divorce from Romina Power has slain me. And love with Loredana Lecciso…”

The Cellino San Marco singer returns to talk about his birthday. Also of his turbulent life, above all for the affairs of the heart. And he talks about the divorce from his wife (defended by a super marriage lawyer) and how things really are with his new partner

  albano-carrisi-romina-power-loredana-lecciso-1920 Albano Carrisi with his ex-wife Romina Power and his partner Loredana Lecciso Photo Video

Albano Carrisi is not there. And after the words of the lawyer Annamaria Bernardini de Pace, who defended his ex-wife Romina Power in their historic divorce, he replies in kind to the professional. And then he returns again to the topic of marijuana, addressed in the exclusive interview with Today on the occasion of his 80th birthday - photo | video

Albano Carrisi opens the doors of his home and talks about his 80 years Albano Carrisi opens the doors of his home and talks about his 80 years

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'LET IT CALM DOWN' - 'Calm down otherwise I will never call you de Pace but de Guerra', replies the singer from Cellino San Marco to the marriage lawyer who, in an interview, to the question 'which is the bloodiest famous divorce that followed?' , he replied: «That of Romina Power and Al Bano. They had met very young, they had loved each other very much, then the differences between the American mentality and that of Southern Italy had emerged. However, they were good at preserving their children». Romina Power and Albano Carrisi separated in 1999, the divorce came a few years later. «If it was bloody, you gave it a nice setting. Let's take responsibility», says Al Bano on Free or. “Who was the general of this army? I don't want to get into controversy. I only defend myself from jokes that I consider unhappy».

Albano Carrisi, the confession: 'With Romina Power ended up because of the marijuana' - X Gossip guard

ALL THE FAULT OF MARIJUANA - But it is not only for the purely legal question that Albano Carrisi is talking about the marriage that was (and the consequent break) with Romina Power. Right in the exclusive interview on number 21 of Today , the singer had explained the reason behind the breakup with his ex-wife. “I say it for the first time: the problem was marijuana. Romina smoked that junk even four times a day. And she had been doing it for years, even before Ylenia's disappearance. She was another woman. She smoked and was cheerful; when the effect was over, she became sad and cried. She was unrecognizable. She no longer expressed that attachment to things, the passion for life, for what we had lived and built during those years. It was the beginning of the end.'

Albano Carrisi speaks: “I am a nice grandfather and a strong old man. It's wonderful with Loredana Lecciso!

“I WILL ALWAYS BE AGAINST DRUGS” - Now Albano Carrisi, when asked about it, returns to the topic of rods to defend the goodness of the answer given to Today , made with the intention of not blaming Romina. Indeed, mostly to warn of the dangers that drugs can cause in individuals and families. «It's not something I said against Romina, but against marijuana that stole two wonderful worlds from me: that of my daughter (Ylenia, who disappeared in New Orleans in 1994, ed.) and of my family. I am against drugs because it hurts society as well as the individual. Against drugs I will fight until I have breath in my throat.

Al Bano and Loredana Lecciso open the doors of their homes (and their hearts) to us: 'Our 21 years of love