Albert of Monaco, first time with the two 'illegitimate' children Jazmin Grace and Alexandre. And Charlene Wittstock is furious

The prince poses with his (non) older heirs, born from his relationship with Tamara Rotolo and Nicole Coste. It is precisely the latter that reveals the unprecedented situation. Where everyone smiles, as if they were a happy family. And from Palazzo Grimaldi it transpires that the princess…

  alberto-monaco-old-children Albert of Monaco all smiles with his grown children Jazmin Grace and Alexandre Photo Video

There is the first time of Albert of Monaco with the two children born out of (and before) his marriage with Charlene Wittstock, Jazmin Grace, 30, and Alexandre, 19. The former Togolese hostess Nicole Coste comes out of the Instagram drawer of Alexandre's mother, who reveals the unprecedented situation in New York on her profile. It is almost certainly a “snippet” from the recent trip that Alberto and Charlene made to New York for the Princess Grace Foundation awards ceremony – Photo | video

Charlene Wittostock, Albert of Monaco and the crisis: they put an end to it Charlene Wittostock, Albert of Monaco and the crisis: they put an end to it

Charlene Wittstock in New York with Albert of Monaco: a surprising look and a diamond from the Arabian Nights – guard

ALL SMILING - Alberto poses smiling in a room, perhaps a hotel hall. Jazmin Grace Grimaldi (had by the American Tamara Rotolo), in the center of the photo, is dressed in black, while Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste has beige trousers and a dark sweatshirt. All three give the lens an extra-large smile. The caption by Nicole Coste, who has a rather small audience of followers (just over 3,000), specifies the place and oozes gratitude (in English): New York, paternally king (New York, paternally king). And who knows where she was and how Charlène Wittstock must have reacted, who, according to della Coste herself, does not look favorably (euphemism) on Alberto's two children born out of wedlock, and therefore excluded from the line of descent by virtue of the article 10 of the Constitution of the Principality of Monaco.

Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, the good life of the first daughter of Albert of Monaco with boyfriend Ian Mellencamp in Las Vegas – guard

CHARLÈNE'S JEALOUSY – In the only interview that Nicole Coste has granted in the last 17 years – those that have been running since she announced to the whole world that she had a son with the Prince of Monaco – the former Air France stewardess had revealed that, when she was still alone engaged to the prince, Charléne, 'taking advantage of Alberto's absence, she had changed my son's room, putting him in the servants' wing (of Palazzo Grimaldi, it is supposed)'. An exit that Alberto had branded as 'inopportune'.

Albert of Monaco recounts the first love encounter between his father Ranieri and his mother Grace Kelly – guard

THE THAW - What is certain is that in recent times there has been an undeniable thaw between the prince and his first two children. A photo of Jazmin Grace and Alexandre with Alberto's two legitimate children, the twins Jacques and Gabriella of Monaco, born in 2014 years ago from Charléne, is dated last January 30th. And now, almost perfectly coinciding with the anniversary of Charlène Wittstock's grand return to Monaco after six years of treatment in South Africa, this photo.