Alberto Genovese sentenced to 8 years and 4 months for sexual abuse: more than requested by the prosecutor

Gup Chiara Valori decided with an abbreviated procedure: the Prosecutor had asked for 8 years. Ex-girlfriend Sarah Borruso was also sentenced, for which the prosecutors asked for two years and eight months: for her two years and six months

 alberto-genovese Alberto Genovese, the abuses took place during his wild parties Photo Video

Alberto Genovese, the first degree trial of the king of startups for sexual abuse ends with a sentence. And judge Chiara Valori, who decided with an abbreviated procedure, also increases the requests of the Public Prosecutor's Office by four months: 8 years and 4 months, in addition to a 50,000 euro provisional, by way of damages, to the 18-year-old raped at Terrazza Sentimento. The ex-girlfriend of the entrepreneur, Sarah Borruso, was also sentenced to 2 years and 6 months, two less than what the prosecutors asked for - Photo | video

Alberto Genovese on trial, after 11 months under house arrest in a clinic in Varese - guard

THE STORY - Alberto, who became a millionaire thanks to his startups, was arrested in 2020, accused of raping an 18-year-old and a 23-year-old during his parties at the Terrazza Sentimento in Milan and in Ibiza, also frequented by many well-known personalities. Subsequently, the entrepreneur obtained house arrest in a facility where he could detoxify from drugs. The defense had asked for acquittal for the rape at Villa Lolita in Ibiza and for insanity. And the minimum penalty for what happened at Terrazza Sentimento, an episode for which there were also the videos recorded by the internal cameras. In front of the investigating judge, Alberto had presented himself in tears: 'I thought they were in agreement.'

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THE SENTENCE - In the investigation, coordinated by the substitutes Rosaria Stagnaro and Paolo Filippini and by the adjunct Letizia Mannella, the ex-girlfriend Sarah Borruso (for the Ibiza episode), for which two years and 8 months had been asked, also ended up. According to the indictment, the entrepreneur had the 'full will' to abuse his victims, attracted with the bait of the parties where drugs were shamelessly turned. And once they lost control of themselves, he raped them. The judge found the reconstructions of the prosecutors to be well founded. And indeed, it increased his sentence.

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