Alberto Matano turns 50: a big party with her husband Riccardo Mannino and many famous friends

The conductor crosses the milestone of half a century. And he goes wild at the Jackie O 'in Rome with an army of VIP guests: from Mara Venier to Alba Parietti, from Claudio Santamaria to the virologist Matteo Bassetti

 alberto-matano-birthday-50-years Alberto Matano, party unleashed at Jackie O ' Photo Video

Alberto Matano turns 50 and celebrates them at the Jackie O 'in Rome, the 'most exclusive restaurant with piano bar in the capital', according to the self-proclamation that can be read on the official website. - Photo | video

Raoul Bova and Rocio Munoz Morales, the holidays with Alberto Matano and her husband Riccardo Mannino cancel the crisis - guard

THE DISCREET HUSBAND ... - Present, albeit with great discretion, was her husband Riccardo Mannino, a 55-year-old cassation lawyer with whom Matano married last June. And present, with less discretion and great joy, a long series of VIP guests, who then flooded Instagram with “stories”, photos, songs.

Alberto Matano and the wedding with Riccardo Mannino: all the images of the party full of vip - guard

... AND FRIENDS UNLEASHED - Mara Venier did not miss her verve, Claudio Santamaria even shot a video at the entrance of the Jackie O ', to tell the celebrated: 'There are too many people we can't get in. We wanted to congratulate you. I'm here, Francesca Barra, Francesca Fagnani, Enrico Mentana, Eleonora Daniele .. ( all then actually present at the party , ed) '.

Alberto Matano tells of his love for the first time, at the dawn of 50 years: 'I have a partner and I would like to marry him

THERE IS ALSO THE VIROLOGIST - Also present were Alba Parietti (with her son Francesco Oppini), Marina La Rosa, Giuliano Sangiorgi and, a little surprisingly (but not too much), also the virologist Matteo Bassetti. As a backdrop for the party and the photos, two huge golden numbers, forming the half century.