Alberto Zaccheroni, speaks three months after the domestic accident: 'I don't remember anything, but I'm alive by a miracle'

The coach from Romagna fell down the stairs of the house last February: “My wife found me in a pool of blood, then in a coma with no memories. I'm alive by a miracle.' Here's how it is today

 The 2019 AFC Asian Cup Alberto Zaccheroni turned 70 on April 1st

Alberto Zaccheroni speaks for the first time three months after the terrible domestic accident: 'My wife Fulvia found me slumped on the floor, at the bottom of the stairs. She says I was in a pool of blood, with my head open and one eye out of its socket. I'm alive by a miracle, but I don't remember anything about the month in intensive care.'

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Fear for Alberto Zaccheroni, hospitalized in intensive care. Here's how it is – guard

THE ACCIDENT - The Romagna coach who has been on the benches of Milan and Inter tells everything to Corriere della Sera. Even if he learned the details of what happened on February 10 from his partner: “I only know what my wife who was with me at home in Cesenatico told me. She was on the ground floor, I was probably going down the stairs and slipped. I tumbled eight to ten steps. She ran because she heard my screams. I had hit her head, you can imagine her fright ”.

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HOW ARE YOU - Alberto was rushed to Bufalini in Cesena and operated on: 'An operation was needed to reduce the bleeding. I have a big scar on my head to remind me of that. They had intubated me, I had a feeding tube. I risked my life, let's not beat around the bush. The blow was tremendous, the great relief is not having suffered brain damage'. A period of rehabilitation was necessary: ​​“I lost two diopters from my eye, the lesser evil considering the initial damage. I don't have a license because before I can get it back I will have to take tests and I have some short-term memory deficits'.

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