Alena Seredova and her marriage to Alessandro Nasi: the preparations, the fourth child, the honeymoon, the jealousy… 'I'll tell you everything'

The former model and her partner rush towards the wedding (in June). She tells how far the preparations are, the long list of guests, the details of the dress, the honeymoon (in five). And speaking of the betrothed, she throws yet another dig at the ex Gigi Buffon …

  seredova-nasi-fourth-son Alena Seredova and Alessandro Nasi, married in June: and on their honeymoon they will bring all their children Photo Video

Alena Seredova and Alessandro Nasi march quickly towards the wedding, scheduled for June. And the former model returns to tell details of their relationship. I understood her jealousy and the desire for a fourth child. Even if there is a “but” for both issues – photo | video

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Alena Seredova, all ready for the wedding: “I took the dress, I have the man …

JEALOUSY AND THE (NEW) FRECCIATINA A BUFFON – Alena Seredova admits to being jealous of her partner Alessandro Nasi: “I'm jealous? A little yes, but I must say that I'm not a 'controller' and therefore in the end she has all her freedom. I hope you don't take too much advantage of it. I trust'. Her sincere words, which however evoke the betrayal of her first husband, Gigi Buffon, with the journalist Ilaria D'Amico. And which therefore sound like yet another dig at the ex. To the point that Alena Seredova recalls what happened then: 'It was as if my house had caught fire. My only thought was to get my children to safety.' The two children of the former goalkeeper, Louis Thomas, who is now 14, and David Lee, 12. Then Vivienne Charlotte also arrived, who turns 3 on May 19th. And there's something new about her children too...

Alena Seredova and Alessandro Nasi, the baptism of their daughter Vivienne Charlotte is ... the appetizer of the wedding - guard

THE WHITE DRESS – Alena Seredova also returns to talk about her white dress: “I want to surprise my partner and make my friends cry. We ladies of a certain age are easily moved, we are very sensitive ”, jokes the 44-year-old ex-model. And as for the final preparations for the wedding in June, she says she is serene and in line with the roadmap: “There is no time, it's soon. But everything is under control, because it's a party and the most important thing is to have fun. Then where you eat or where you sit is not so important”.

Alena Seredova talks about love (and sex) with her partner Alessandro Nasi: “When the children go to sleep …

THE FOURTH SON – Alena Seredova also returns to the desire (fulfilled, in fact) to have a large family. After the birth of the third child Vivienne Charlotte, she reveals that she has seriously considered the hypothesis of having a fourth child, her second from her Alessandro Nasi. “Another child? We thought about it over and over again, also because I would have loved it for Vivi and also for Ale. It's that after this last birth, I found myself a little tired, so I thought a lot and decided that I want to dedicate the energies I have to those who are already there. In the meantime lost that I kinda missed the train. And anyway, in a few days, I'll be 45 years old”, concludes Seredova, who blows out the candles on March 21st.

Alena Seredova: “No scenes with my ex Gigi Buffon, but don't call us extended family

HONEYMOON – Finally, Alena Seredova reveals that she will go on their honeymoon with the whole (extended) family: “We are still working on the honeymoon”, she admits. “The fact is that five of us will go there, so we have to find a destination that is good for children, teenagers, a romantic couple. In short, to all of us”. To then conclude on the number of guests at the wedding: “For me there are many, since I come from a small family, with my mother, father, sister and husband. For Ale, on the other hand, keeping them below one hundred is quite challenging, so in the end I'd say there will be a fair number. In fact, they will be under a hundred and rightly so'. In short, everything is really ready.