Alessandra Matteuzzi, could femicide be avoided? Minister Cartabia sends inspectors

The woman was killed despite a ban on approaching the former. The nephew: “I hope you don't pay just one person”. For five years, a bill on the obligation of an electronic bracelet in stalking cases has been lying in Parliament, as the Avisl association reveals to

  alessandra-matteuzzi-murder-bologna Alessandra Matteuzzi was 56 years old. She was killed by the footballer Giovanni Padovani, 27 Video

Alessandra Matteuzzi, could her death have been avoided? After the tragedy, controversy arrives. The woman was in fact hammered to death by the former Giovanni Padovani on the doorstep, despite the fact that there was a complaint against him for stalking and a ban on approach was pending. Justice Minister Marta Cartabia sent inspectors to Bologna to clarify. - video

Alessandra Matteuzzi, massacred with a hammer by the ex (denounced for stalking) while she was on the phone with her sister - guard

A CRIME ANNOUNCED? - Alessandra was murdered while talking on the phone with her sister. Despite the measures against the former player of the Santacataldese, Caltanissetta (but already out of the squad), Giovanni had taken a plane from Sicily and had come with a hammer to kill her. Alessandra was afraid, as a neighbor confided to Resto del Carlino: 'Alessandra told me, 'if he rings, don't open the door for him'. She was afraid of that boy, at 7 pm we saw him here waiting for her. A week ago I saw them talking on that bench. At about 9 pm she arrived and I heard her telling him you have to go away, at a certain point she attacked her and dragged her here under the porch, but it was dark '.

Alessandra Matteuzzi killed with a hammer by her stalker: she is a young footballer - guard

THE INSPECTORS - Was it, then, yet another announced femicide? The prosecutor of Bologna Giuseppe Amato defends the work of the judiciary, speaking to the Gr1: 'In this matter, we cannot speak of evil justice at all. The complaint was collected at the end of July, on 1 August it was registered and the investigations that could not be concluded before 29 August were immediately activated because some people to hear were on vacation. What we could do, we did ”. According to the prosecutor, the complaint 'did not reveal situations of concrete risk of violence, it was the typical conduct of harassing stalker'. The victim's nephew, Matteo Perini, however, vents his bitterness: “My aunt was a person of heart and did not deserve all this, I hope this episode will change things. I expect him to rot in jail, but not to pay just one person, otherwise it will happen again ”. And Alessandra's cousin, the Modena lawyer Sonia Bertolini, tells reporters: 'What happened was by no means a bolt from the blue, because there had been previous signs. The problem is in the regulatory gaps. If a complaint is filed for persecutory acts and at the same time there is no protection, the femicides will continue '. The Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia thus decided to send the inspectors to Bologna to 'urgently carry out the necessary preliminary investigations, formulating, upon the outcome, evaluations and proposals'.

THE RED CODE DOES NOT WORK - The lawyer Domenico Musicco, a civil party attorney in many cases of femicide and president of the national association Avisl Onlus, explains to 'The legislation of the so-called red code, which also deals with stalking, unfortunately does not work. It is not enough to have a ban on approach, you must always check that this ban is respected. On 24 May 2017 we presented a bill to Montecitorio together with the deputy Valentina Vezzali. It provided for the obligation of an electronic bracelet for people accused of stalking and domestic violence. But the red code made it only optional, at the discretion of the judiciary. Thus we continue, from time to time, to mourn victims who would have been saved with a simple device. Almost 80 women have been murdered since the beginning of the year. And I hope that the new Parliament, whatever the majority, will approve that bill which has been inactive for over five years now '.

THE JOKE - Giovanni, as emerges from social media, shared in November a campaign against violence against women promoted by the team he was playing for at the time, Troina. He appeared in front of the message: “Stop violence against women. Troina Calcio says no to gender-based violence and in general! '