Alessandra Matteuzzi, Giovanni Padovani silent in front of the investigating judge, who validates the arrest. The defense: 'he is very tried'

He availed himself of the right not to answer. The victim's cousin: 'He had put the sugar in the tank of the car, had cut the tires of Alessandra's car and stolen her house keys'

  alessandra-matteuzzi-murder-bologna Alessandra Matteuzzi was 56 years old. She was killed by the footballer Giovanni Padovani, 27 Video

Giovanni Padovani, the 27-year-old footballer who killed Alessandra Matteuzzi on the doorstep, makes a silent scene in front of the investigating judge Andrea Salvatore Romito. And his lawyer, Enrico Buono, on leaving the court, tells reporters: 'He is very tried'. The judge validated the arrest. - video

Alessandra Matteuzzi, massacred with a hammer by the ex (denounced for stalking) while she was on the phone with her sister - guard

MOUTH ON THE WHITE CROSS - Meanwhile, a new controversy broke out over the affair. This time around the social post of Donatello Alberti, of the White Cross of Emilia, who wrote: 'In any case, she too was tanned, it was obvious that the boy was jealous'. Words that soon went viral and that have outraged many. Starting with Raffaele Donini, regional councilor for health: 'There is no justification for such a heinous and aberrant act, which extinguished another life, bent another family and the entire city community in pain. For this I am outraged by the words of Donatello Alberti. He demeaning words, unacceptable, devoid of any respect for women, the victim of yet another femicide. Many of you are asking me. Croce Bianca has no relationship with the Emilia-Romagna Health Service. But to have made that comment, contemptuous and devoid of humanity, it is not an association, but a person. A man who I hope will have a leap of conscience and dignity and apologize to Alessandra, to her family, to our city community '. Alberti finally apologized: “I saw a photo of a provocative girl, but I was misunderstood. I strongly condemn what happened, God forbid. I am very sorry. I have already removed the post and will make another apology ”he told the Resto del Carlino.

Alessandra Matteuzzi, could femicide be avoided? Minister Cartabia sends inspectors - look

THE WORDS OF THE COUSIN - But attention is focused on Alessandra's lack of security. The Bologna prosecutor defended his actions, explaining that in the stalking complaint presented in July by the victim 'no concrete risk situations of violence emerged, it was the typical harassing stalker conduct'. But Minister Marta Cartabia sent the inspectors. And Alessandra's cousin, the lawyer Sonia Bartolini, exponent of the 'Woman and Justice' association, adds to the dose and tells Corriere della Sera: 'I don't think there is a need for physical violence to activate greater protection. In this case, there is serious harassment in the complaint: the man had put sugar in her car tank, had cut the tires of Alessandra's car and stolen her house keys. The problem is in the regulatory gaps. If a complaint is filed for persecutory acts and at the same time there is no protection, the femicides will continue '. The lawyer Domenico Musicco, a well-known criminal lawyer and president of the Avisl Onlus association, spoke about those regulatory flaws, regarding the bill he had presented in 2017 in Montecitorio: 'He would have made the electronic bracelet mandatory in cases of stalking and domestic violence. Because it is absurd in such serious situations to order a ban on approach, as it has been done, without ensuring that it is respected. But the red code made it discretionary. So we find ourselves continuing to cry for victims ”.

Alessandra Matteuzzi killed with a hammer by her stalker: she is a young footballer - guard

PERSECUTION - And to underline the seriousness of the harassment suffered by Alessandra is also Giampiero Barile, lawyer of the Matteuzzi family, who points out the two additions attached to the complaint: 'The case of stalking was very serious'. And he explains to Repubblica: 'The suspect exercised obsessive control over the victim. He kept her in check at a distance, asking her very often to send photos and videos of the place where she was, of her and of the people he frequented out of jealousy of her. In some situations he also asked her to film the time from the place where she was to verify that she was telling the truth '.