Alessandra Matteuzzi killed with a hammer by her stalker: she is a young footballer

Assaulted in Bologna by a former partner who was thirty years younger than her. The man after the breakup of the relationship had begun to persecute her and the woman had reported him. He waited for her outside the house for two hours, then the quarrel ended in tragedy


She was killed with a hammer. Alessandra Matteuzzi, 56, for all Sandra, had no escape. The search for the murderer lasted very little, indeed it did not even begin: Giovanni Padovani, 27, was there next to the body waiting for the agents.

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STALKER - The young man attacked Sandra in the condominium courtyard of a building on the outskirts of Bologna where a violent quarrel broke out between the two, who had had an affair, enough to induce the neighbors to call the police. The woman was lying on the ground and wounded in the head in a state of unconsciousness. She was transported to the hospital, she died shortly after. Padovani after the breakup of the relationship had turned into a stalker, so much so that Sandra had reported him at the end of July. Padovani is a footballer and model originally from Senigallia. Arrived in Bologna during the day by plane from Sicily, he had been waiting for the woman outside the house for hours. “She was afraid of him - told a neighbor to Rest of the Pug - , he told me, if he comes back don't open. He was already downstairs at 7.15pm when I arrived. I went in, he wanted to go in even though I closed the door. At 21 Alessandra arrived, she repeated that he had to go. But he answered yes and he did not go away ». Then the aggression.

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