Alessandra Matteuzzi, massacred with a hammer by the ex (denounced for stalking) while she was on the phone with her sister

The woman's former partner is arrested. The testimony of her sister: '' She got out of the car and she started screaming: no Giovanni, no, please, help ... '

 alessandra-matteuzzi-murder-bologna Video

The companion of Alessandra Matteuzzi, 56 years old, was arrested by hammering in Bologna, hit with a hammer in the condominium courtyard in via dell’Arcoveggio. Ai deals with Giovanni Padovani, 27 years old. video

WHAT HAPPENED - The police were called on the evening of Tuesday 23 August at 9.30 pm by Matteuzzi's neighbors for a violent dispute. But when the police arrived, the woman was lying on the ground and injured in the head in a state of unconsciousness. She was transported to the hospital, she died shortly after. The aggressor was also present on the spot, arrested for aggravated murder on the orders of the Prosecutor's Office.

ON THE PHONE WITH SISTER - At the time of the attack, the victim was on the phone with his sister. The same told the Tgr Rai Emilia-Romagna. “She got out of the car and she started screaming: no Giovanni, no, please, help. I was on the phone, I immediately called the carabinieri who arrived immediately. I live 30 kilometers away. In the end she beat her to death, 'said the woman in tears.

THE COMPLAINT - At the end of July the woman had filed a complaint against her ex-partner, with whom she had broken up for a few months. The suspect is a footballer and former model, originally from the province of Ancona. He played in various Serie C and D teams: including Foligno football, Troina, Giarre and now Sancataldese, a Sicilian team. He would have arrived in Bologna yesterday by plane from Sicily and then would have gone to wait for the woman under the house.