Alessandro Borghese: 'I keep my 16-year-old son ... but I've never seen him'

The chef tells of the baby he had before the wedding and of whose existence he only learned a long time later: 'And unfortunately I never had the opportunity to see him. In the future, who knows? '

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Alessandro Borghese returns to talk about the son he had before his marriage and which he has dealt with so far from a legal and economic point of view. And he reveals that he has never seen him: 'But in the future, who knows?' Photo | video 1 | video 2

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THE SON NEVER SEEN - On the eve of the restart of Celebrity Chef, the famous conductor pauses to remember the son he had in 2006, before getting married in 2009 with Wilma Oliverio, with whom he had Alexandra and Arizona, who are now 6 and 11 years old. Of the existence of the child, who is now a sixteen year old, he learned only much later. Already at Corriere della Sera , three years ago, he confessed: “A very delicate situation: as soon as it was communicated to me, I made the necessary investigations and now I manage the situation from an economic and legal point of view. In short, I did everything that needed to be done. Sure, I'd like to see it but I've never had the opportunity, they won't let me. It is now great ”. And he admitted: “It's not a murder, it's something that happens and that has happened to me as to a hundred thousand other people. The mother wasn't even a girlfriend ”.

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I WAS A 'SPORTS' TYPE - As reported Fanpage , Alessandro admits that 'when I was young I never got engaged, but I was very 'sporty'.' But even today he has never met the boy: 'I never had the opportunity to see him. In the future, who knows? He now lives abroad. '

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