Alessandro Cecchi Paone, his fiancé Simone Antolini speaks: “He understands me, he protects me. And the 38 years of difference don't count '

He is a 23-year-old student. He was portrayed in unequivocal effusions with the 61-year-old reporter. And now he tells how their love was born. Thanks a big disappointment

 simone-antolini-cecchi-paone Alessandro Cecchi Paone, the fiancé Simone Antolini speaks. There are 38 years of difference Photo Video

“Neighbors, people I see every day, have written horrible things, which have hurt me. One asked me 'At least, does it pay you well?' ', Thus begins the outburst of Simone Antolini, the 23-year-old boyfriend of 61-year-old Alessandro Cecchi Paone, on the pages of Corriere della Sera. Student of Legal Sciences, he has always alternated study and family business, helping his parents in the grocery store they own in their hometown. But since the young man was paparazzi together with the journalist and presenter, everything has changed. After the diffusion of those images and the confession of Cecchi Paone himself, Antolini has in fact found himself undergoing a series of attacks, especially online, by those who consider him only an opportunist - Photo | video

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A SUMMER PASSION - 'There is nothing to hide: it is a great and sweet summer passion' said Cecchi Paone, commenting on the photographs released by Chi: 'Here you have photographed a beautiful moment between us'. The other protagonist of the shots is not of the same opinion: 'I had not yet expressed my condition. I wanted to do it first with my parents: they knew I was dating Alessandro, perhaps they imagined, but I hadn't had the opportunity for a dialogue with them. So everyone thought I was straight and now they think he became homosexual to become famous, ”says the young man.

THE MEETING BETWEEN THE TWO - Antolini enters the details of their first meetings, of how love was born at a distance: 'I wrote to him on Instagram. I was getting out of my first homosexual relationship. Previously, I had had a girlfriend for four years and had a lot of doubts. Watching TV in the pandemic, I discovered that Alessandro had had a wife. The similarity of experiences prompted me to follow him on social networks. We wrote to each other. I went to meet him in Rimini. We started talking a lot. It was April. I found in him a person who understands me, protects me ”.

THE AGE DIFFERENCE - Between the two lovers there are 38 years of difference, but for the student it is not a problem: “It makes me feel good and that's what matters. I am totally lost of him. Since he entered my life, I feel sure of who I am, he has awakened in me an interest in art, science, history. I can listen to it for hours and that made me focus double on the study. He has added to my life the desire to be better ”.