Alessia Marcuzzi and Paolo Calabresi Marconi: 'We broke up'. The marriage fails after 8 years

The showgirl and her husband communicate the end of love together and officially. “But it won't be the end of our family,” they assure. Despite the numerous ups and downs of the last few months. Also, and above all, during the pandemic. As she herself told Oggi

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Alessia Marcuzzi and Paolo Calabresi Marconi, love is over, the wrecked marriage. After nine years of love (eight of marriage), the showgirl and her husband said goodbye by mutual agreement. And it is the umpteenth couple that breaks out in this year of separations – Photo | video

Alessia Marcuzzi, a mermaid in a white bikini in the waves. Watch the video Alessia Marcuzzi, a mermaid in a white bikini in the waves. Watch the video

Alessia Marcuzzi and Paolo Calabresi Marconi, the images never seen before the wedding – guard

THE OFFICIALITY – «Paolo and I have decided to part ways. However, the end of our marriage will not mean the end of our family, which will continue to exist. My children and Paolo will continue their unchanged relationship of love and affection that we have built over the years'. It is with this joint note released to Ansa that Alessia Marcuzzi and Paolo Calabresi Marconi made their separation official, putting an end to their union that lasted almost a decade. A painful and tiring decision, but inevitable and peremptory, say people very close to the couple. Painful choice, but not sudden, they assure. A separation, therefore, that does not take family members and closest friends by surprise, also in light of the very strong relationship of affection that binds Paolo Calabresi to Tommaso and Mia, children that Alessia had respectively from Simone Inzaghi and Francesco Facchinetti. Especially for the little girl of the house, very close to Paolo, this drastic decision would have been reached very gradually.

Alessia Marcuzzi on the cover of Oggi: 'I'm a fairy tale' - exclusive

THE COLD SHOWER – And yet, for fans of the couple, the news of the farewell is a real cold shower. In fact, only a handful of weeks ago, Alessia Marcuzzi had had honey words for her husband during a long interview with our weekly while confirming that she had had moments of tension in the relationship with him in the recent past. When asked about an alleged couple crisis, she replied: «Who doesn't experience ups and downs in a couple relationship? And above all who hasn't experienced moments of tension during the pandemic? Paul is my support. My reason, my balance and a point of reference for my children too. I believe that true love relationships cannot and should not feed on fake and comfortable balances. Love is dialectic but also silences and screams. To love is to approach each other through confrontation, albeit heated. Aspire to those profound truths that feelings feed on so that, as the Greek poet Kostantinos Cavafis wrote, our life 'does not appear to us as a cloying stranger'».

Alessia Marcuzzi and her large extended family… – guard

THE HIGHS AND THE LOWS - And on the reasons for the ups and downs, Alessia had underlined: «Cultivating a relationship is the most challenging thing there is. The small daily quarrels, the routine, taking each other for granted are a viaticum towards the flattening of any relationship. There are neither recipes nor secrets to preserve the solidity of a couple. All you need is love, which is often not a simple thing. Loving is esteeming, respecting and above all freeing yourself from the idea of ​​possessing the other. It is also essential to allow yourself some space. Sometimes it happened to me to overcome nervousness and misunderstandings even just by simply getting into the car for a few hours and wandering aimlessly through the streets of my city, allowing myself the luxury of listening to myself in silence». At the moment, those directly involved keep their mouths shut on the real reasons for the end of their marriage. Even if the memory of many of her goes back to two years ago, when Roberto D'Agostino's Dagospia site spoke of a strong crisis, culminating in an alleged betrayal of her with the former dancer Stefano De Martino.