Alessia Pifferi, the chat of the mother who let little Diana die of hardship: “The children? A hindrance. I want a star life '

In the messages sent to his contacts, the investigators observe a woman who considered her children 'an obstacle to hope'. While she aspired to a beautiful life 'like the ones you see on TV'

 alessia pifferi-1920 Alessia Pifferi, 37, is now in prison Photo

Alessia Pifferi, your chats bring out a mother who aspired to a life 'without children', considered a 'hindrance in hopes', especially for her who wanted a beautiful life 'like those you see on TV'. - Photo

Alessia Pifferi and her daughter left to die of hardship: the 18 months, the fake baptism ... - guard

THE DEATH OF DIANA - Alessia, 37, is in prison for leaving her 18-month-old daughter Diana at home in Milan alone to be with her new partner. According to the investigations, in the late afternoon of July 14, the woman washed and changed her, leaving her in the camping cot with a bottle of milk and then headed to Leffe, in the Bergamo area, and reached her new partner, telling him that the little girl was at mare with her sister. But when she returned, her baby was obviously dead. The case shocked Italy. The woman, who even asked to attend the funeral, is accused of multiple voluntary murder. The defense asked for a psychiatric report.

Alessia Pifferi, the confession of the mother who let her 18-month-old daughter die: 'I wanted a future with my partner

A LIFE LIKE ON TV - Now it is the daily newspaper Il Giorno to report the messages that Alessia sent to her contacts, in which she stated that she wanted 'a life without children' because they were considered 'an obstacle to hopes'. Furthermore, as the newspaper reports, she wanted nothing more than a beautiful life “like the ones you see on TV”. She was relieved by the separation from her husband with whom she had led a simple life and happy to have met her new partner, or 'the right man'.

Alessia Pifferi and her daughter Diana who died of hunger and thirst. The autopsy and the doubts to be resolved - guard

A SHINY WOMAN - Investigators read the messages as a 'clear and lucid overall life strategy that has guided many of his latest choices'. But not of a madwoman: “she appears very lucid in her behavior, even in those preceding the death of little Diana. Alessia chooses what to do, chooses the people to hang out with, chooses to risk leaving Diana alone to build a future, she personal first of all and above all of her '. And again, those chats “tell a lot about the woman's personality and the world in which she thought, she imagined, she could live. Even to the detriment of the child ”.

Alessia Pifferi, the confession of the mother who let her daughter die: 'I wanted a future with my partner' - guard