Alessia Pifferi, traces of tranquilizers found in the blood of her daughter Diana

The mother, before abandoning the 18-month-old baby for six days, also allegedly administered benzodiazepines. This was revealed by the blood and hair tests carried out during the autopsy

 diana-pifferi Alessia Pifferi, 37, is accused of aggravated voluntary homicide of her daughter Diana, only 18 months old Photo

Alessia Pifferi, the circumstances of the death of her daughter Diana, just 18 months old, are becoming more and more chilling: abandoned for six days in a cot, the mother would have given her some tranquilizers before leaving. This is revealed by the preliminary results of blood and hair tests - Photo

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THE TRANQUILLANTS - The advice of the coroners, including Professor Andrea Gentilomo, will be filed by the end of the month. But from the toxicological tests, both of blood and of hair, it was learned that Diana would have been given benzodiazepines, which Alessia has always denied, claiming that she had only given her drops of paracetamol. The autopsy filing will reveal whether they may have influenced the little girl's death. Neighbors told investigators they never heard her cry.

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EVIDENTIAL INCIDENT - In the coming days, the evidentiary incident on the baby bottle, bottle of water and bottle of En is expected. But also on the apartment, on the diaper, on the pillow and on the mattress. In recent days the news had leaked that Diana had in fact also ingested part of the pillow and the mattress, as if she, exhausted by hunger, had tried to bite anything around her. Alessia is in prison, accused of aggravated murder. In court she had asked for a photo of her daughter to keep with her in the cell.

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