Alex Zanardi returns home, 76 days after the house fire: 'He has been stabilized'

Alex Zanardi was discharged from the Vicenza hospital where he entered almost three months ago. A fire in the house had damaged the system that powered his machinery. But now he has left the ICU

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Alex Zanardi has returned home. 76 days after the fire in the house, the sample was able to return to the home. At the San Bartolo hospital in Vicenza they say: 'The patient has been stabilized'. Photo | video

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THE FIRE - It was the photovoltaic system that caught fire. The immediate intervention of the firefighters made it possible to limit the flames, preventing them from spreading on the two levels of the house. However, the machinery to which the sample was attached and which help him live was at risk. The family opted for a transfer to a suitable facility, to the rehabilitation department on the first floor of the San Bortolo hospital, where Alex had been hospitalized since April 2021.

Fear for Alex Zanardi, fire in his villa in Noventa Padovana: transferred to a medical center in Vicenza - guard

HOMECOMING - Now he has been able to return to his home. The head of the rehabilitation department Giannettore Bertagnoni told the Giornale di Vicenza that 'the patient has been stabilized'. And again: 'Our main objective was to stabilize Zanardi's general clinical conditions. But, at the same time, we continued the rehabilitation program followed during the first period of hospitalization '.

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THE ACCIDENT - For Alex, these have been very hard years. It was June 19, 2020 and on provincial 146 between Pienza and San Quirico d’Orcia in the Sienese area, Alex collided with his handbike against the truck driven by Marco Ciacci. Operated several times only in September 2021 he came out of the intensive care of the San Raffaele in Milan. And just before Christmas he finally came home. The investigation against Ciacci was instead closed in July 2021: he was not at fault for the impact.

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