Alexandra of Luxembourg, official engagement: find out who he is and when the wedding will be celebrated

The announcement was made by Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and Grand Duke Henry. The princess and her boyfriend are getting married in the spring. When another happy event is expected…

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Excellent news for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg: Princess Alexandra, the only and radiant daughter of the Grand Duchess Maria Teresa and Grand Duke Henry (who have five children in all: the boys are Guillaume, Felix, Louis and Sébastien), will get married in the spring. The news of the official engagement was given by Alexandra's parents, formally, avoiding, at least at the beginning, the 'usual' Instagram. A dear, old press release, complete with a new official portrait, then obviously 'repeated' on all the social channels and on the Grand Duchy's web page - Photo | video

William of Luxembourg and Stephanie De Lannoy, the ceremony in the cathedral and the kiss at the Royal Palace William of Luxembourg and Stephanie De Lannoy, the ceremony in the cathedral and the kiss at the Royal Palace

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WHO IS THE LUCKY - The announcement also contains a brief biography of the future groom. His name is Nicolas Bagory and, although his hair is already white, he will be 34 in a few days. The grand dukes are keen to let it be known that the boy grew up in Brittany (France), graduated in Political Science and Classical Letters, and is now involved in the 'creation of social and cultural projects'. In short, the pedigree, even if without nobility quarters, is acceptable.

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WHAT A NEED! - The bride-to-be's curriculum is richer and denser: Alexandra, who is two abundant years younger than her boyfriend, studied Psychology and Social Sciences in the United States, took a second degree in Philosophy in Paris and completed her studies at Trinity College , in Dublin. Concluded in a manner of speaking, given that you then 'gave yourself' a Master's degree at the Irish School of Ecumenics in Interreligious Studies (with a specialization in Conflict Resolution). Not to mention the internship at the UN Security Council. She is fluent in three languages ​​(French, English and Spanish) and gets by in Italian and German.

Charles of Luxembourg, the son of the Grand Dukes Guillaume and Stephanie goes wild at the jousts - guard

BLESSED SPRING - A happy and festive spring is announced for the Grand Duchy: in addition to the wedding of Princess Alexandra, the birth of the second child of the grand dukes Guillaume (Alexandra's older brother) and Stephanie is expected in April, who will soon give a little brother to little Charles.