Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, it's not (yet) over: the actress is trying to get her legal fees paid

Not only the compensation of over 8 million (which she doesn't have) to pay to her ex-husband. Now comes the super fee, of 15 million! And she, they say, found a trick

  amber-heard-johnny-depp-1920 It's not over yet between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp... Photo Video

Four months into America's most publicized trial, another legal drama is about to reignite attention for Amber Heard and ex-husband Jonny Depp. The actress changes her lawyer again to try to get the legal costs (a good 15 million dollars) paid by two insurance companies which, among other things, are in dispute with each other. A trial mess that could save Heard from bankruptcy. Or maybe not - Photo | video

Johnny Depp drunk and angry: the shocking video released by his ex-wife Amber Heard Johnny Depp drunk and angry: the shocking video released by his ex-wife Amber Heard

Johnny Depp has yet another new love: it is the lawyer Joelle Rich – guard

A PLETHORA OF LAWYERS – Currently the actress is trying to appeal the sentence that sentenced her to pay just over 8 million dollars to the ex for defamation. But in the meantime you have accumulated dizzying legal expenses: 15 million dollars. At first she was defended by Eric George, a Los Angeles lawyer accustomed to celebrities, then Roberta Kaplan arrived, quickly replaced by Elaine Bredehoft, considered, however, unprepared to face such a process. Especially in the face of Depp's aggressive lawyer Camille Vasquez ( guard ). David Axelrod and Jay Ward Brown were called for the appeal, but not happy, the actress has also hired Kirk Pasich, according to Puck News, who will have the arduous task of making two insurance companies pay the bill for the expenses lawyers of Amber.

Amber Heard is bankrupt. She sells the desert mansion to compensate Johnny Depp. And documents appear that… – guard

THE INSURANCE MESS – Heard has home insurance (which also covers defamation) with Travelers Commercial and is also signed up with New York Marine General Insurance. The problem is this: Travelers has allowed the former Ms. Depp to choose her own lawyers while the New York Marine has assigned her local lawyers, with the least expensive fees: Timothy McEvoy and Sean Patrick Roche, who however, they argue, have been kept on the sidelines by the official legal team (Kaplan-Bredehoft). On this basis, the New York Mariner insurance claims a compensation of 600 thousand dollars from Travelers and both agencies take Heard to court to avoid paying part of the compensation owed to Depp. The new lawyer, Pasich, should make sure that doesn't happen. All in all, a big mess. Which could even worsen the economic situation of the actress.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the penthouse of their quarrels is for sale in Los Angeles – guard

THE PROCESS BECOMES A FILM – If anyone missed the trial of the two stars, they can relive it in the instant movie Hot take: the Depp/Heard trial which will air on September 30 on the streaming platform Tubi (owned by Fox Corporation). The former pirate of the Caribbean will be played by Mark Hapka and his ex-wife by Megan Davis ( guard ).
Meanwhile Depp seems to be living an engaging and serene relationship with his English lawyer Joelle Rich. The reaction of the star of Aquaman she was chilly at the news: 'I don't care who she hangs out with, I just want to get on with my life'.

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