Ambra Angiolini and that kiss to Andrea Bosca: a love born on the set

The two actors exchange unequivocal effusions. A spark struck on the set in Stromboli last summer. Although perhaps it would be better to use another metaphor, remember?

 amber-angiolini-andrea-bosca-diva-woman Ambra Angiolini with Andrea Bosca, a revealing kiss Photo Video

Ambra Angiolini and Andrea Bosca, a kiss that tells the story of the beginning of love. So claims Diva e donna, who says that the former nymphet of Non è la Rai, now an actress and TV 'judge' has finally found her smile again after the stormy end of her love affair with Massimiliano Allegri. And judging by the pictures, actually… – photo | video

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LOVE BORN ON SET – Ambra Angiolini and Andrea Bosca met on the set. Where the spark seems to have really struck. Although perhaps it would be better to use another metaphor, given that we were dealing with the set on Stromboli, where an uncontrolled fire had caused a fire that had devastated much of the island's vegetation ( guard ). In any case, now the two actors come out into the open. Or at least, here they are 'pinched' to exchange a kiss that seems to leave no room for doubt.

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MAX IS PREHISTORY – This is Ambra Angiolini's first love after the stormy end of love with Massimiliano Allegri ( guard ). Who also had a very poisonous tail on the apartment where she lived in Milan ( guard ). Everything behind, now there is Andrea Bosca. At least judging by the images that come from Rome, where he lives. In short, as they say: if they are roses they will flourish. And hopefully without thorns, at least this time.

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