Ambra Angiolini, new jab at her ex Massimiliano Allegri on TV

During an episode of X Factor, the presenter let slip a confession about how much she suffered from the breakup with the coach

 amber-xfactor Ambra Angiolini, new dig at Massimiliano Allegri Photo Video

Ambra Angiolini returns to talk about Massimiliano Allegri and above all about his broken heart. Or at least, when from the stage of X Factor spoke of the '12 months of psychotherapy done after the last ex', it was clear to everyone what, and above all who, he was talking about... – Photo | video

Ambra Angiolini and the jab at Massimiliano Allegri on TV Ambra Angiolini and the jab at Massimiliano Allegri on TV

Ambra Angiolini snubs Massimiliano Allegri: “My only failure? The one with Francesco Renga

AMBER'S REVELATION - It all started during the third episode of the singing talent show auditions, broadcast on Sky. Samuel, a competitor from Bologna who sang the song rice with chicken, he admitted to having a soft spot for Ambra and mentioned her several times. In the end, the presenter took the stage and let herself go into a poisonous joke-confession: 'If I hadn't had twelve months of psychotherapy, given my last ex, you would certainly be next'. Her ex is, in fact, the Juventus coach.

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IT ENDED BAD - The relationship between Ambra and Massimiliano Allegri lasted from 2017 to 2021. They seemed very close, Allegri in public wore a record that Amabra had given him. But it ended in a traumatic way. Because of his betrayals, it was said. Even Ambra's daughter, Jolanda, made (angry) allusions on social media. And then there was the tapir that Striscia gave to Ambra, and endless controversies about the house… «But today thanks to you, dear 'Riso col pollo', I want to tell my psychotherapist that I am cured», said the presenter. In fact, she may have another reason to be healed…

Ambra Angiolini, the last boulder from Massimiliano Allegri: 'He has betrayed her several times and asks her to pay the rent...' - SUPERGOSSIP

THE SCIANNA CHAPTER - According to the weekly Diva e Donna, Ambra is allegedly in a relationship with the actor Francesco Scianna, with whom she worked in 2016 in a theatrical show, Betrayals directed by Michele Placido.