Ambra Angiolini, the eviction arrives: she must leave the house of Silvia Slitti and Giampaolo Pazzini

The broadcast Fuori dal coro shows the validation order of the judge. But it will take some time. And there will be twists and turns…

 Silvia slitti_ambra angiolini ok ok _1920 It's a war between Ambra Angiolini and the Slitti-Pazzini couple Photo Video

News in the case, or rather in the house, of Ambra Angiolini: it seems that the judge of X Factor must leave the apartment of the wedding planner Silvia Slitti and the former player, and now commentator, Giampaolo Pazzini. There would in fact be an order validating the eviction, dated 3 October and signed by a Milanese judge. He showed it exclusively Out of the core , the program conducted by Mario Giordano - Photo | video

Silvia Slitti against Ambra: 'I wanted to solve it differently' Silvia Slitti against Ambra: 'I wanted to solve it differently'

Silvia Slitti against Ambra: “I'm disgusted, she illegally occupies my house

THE NAME OF ALLEGRI - Giordano said in the broadcast that the document 'appears the name of Massimiliano Allegri, ex-boyfriend of Ambra Angiolini and holder of the lease which expired on June 30th. As we read, he does not oppose the validation, on the other hand, he hasn't lived in the apartment for months, the one who is squatting is Ambra'. Slitti had made the situation known with a long and heartfelt video ( guard ) at the end of last month, filmed in the hotel room where she, her husband Giampaolo and their son Tommaso are forced to live.

X Factor, Fedez the strictest judge and with Ambra Angiolini peace is made – guard

THE COUNTESS HOUSE - The disputed apartment, located in the Moscova area, had been rented by Max Allegri: the idea was to make it a love nest with Ambra, taking advantage of the fact that the Pazzinis, during the Covid pandemic, had moved to the sea. But the Juventus coach never set foot in that multi-room apartment: the relationship with Angiolini was suddenly interrupted precisely coinciding with the move of the X Factor judge, who had left Brescia to be close to her boyfriend. Result: only Ambra and her daughter Jolanda lived (and still do) in that house.

Ambra Angiolini, the last boulder from Massimiliano Allegri: “He has betrayed her several times and asks her to pay him the rent …

AND NOW? - And now what happens? With the validation order, the judge sets a deadline for the release of the property: usually within 6 months (so Ambra would have until early April 2023). In the event of arrears, i.e. non-payment of the rent, this term is 'restricted' to two months. In short, there is time for new twists. Even if it is unlikely that Silvia Slitti will return to pronounce on the subject. Difficult, but not impossible: Pazzini's wife said she had received 'a warning from Mrs. Angiolini's lawyer who tells me not to talk about the matter anymore, a warning that I don't find fair since we must have the freedom to word, when we speak the truth we must be able to say it'.