Amelia Spencer and her marriage to Greg Mallet: bachelorette party and honeymoon (in advance) of Lady Diana's niece

The first big royal wedding of 2023 is that of Lady Kitty Spencer's younger sister, who will marry Greg Mallett in March three years after the proposal. And the celebrations have already begun

 amelia spencer 1920 Amelia Spencer will marry Greg Mallet in March: the bachelorette party is super Photo Video

Three years after the proposal (it was 2020), Amelia Spencer and Greg Mallet are getting married for real. Lady D's niece will get married next March with her historic partner in a ceremony that promises to be grandiose. Meanwhile, the socialite celebrates her bachelorette party in Cape Town, South Africa. After which, she just has to join her boyfriend in Dubai for an early honeymoon – Photo | video

Lady Kitty Spencer, second marriage in just a month! Watch the video Lady Kitty Spencer, second marriage in just one month! Watch the video

Lady Amelia Spencer and the wedding: Lady Diana's other granddaughter marries her boyfriend... after 11 years! – guard

THE WEDDING – After the wedding of older sister Kitty Spencer ( guard ), it's up to Amelia to take the plunge. The wedding will be held in March, on a still top secret date. The proposal had arrived in July 2020 in South Africa, where the couple has lived for some time and where the ceremony will probably be held. Expected many names of the jet set and the royal family, William and Kate Middleton in the lead.

Kitty Spencer, second marriage (in just a month!) for Lady Diana's granddaughter – guard

THE BACHELORETTE PARTY – Full of fun and glamour: Amelia's bachelorette party could not have been otherwise. Count Spencer's daughter celebrates with a group of friends in a villa with a swimming pool in Cape Town. With her also her twin sister Eliza. In photographs shared on social media, the bride appears over the moon. The chosen look is, of course, total white: a two-piece, skirt and top, with golden Versace heels. “Thank you for one of the best days of my life with my favorite girls,” she writes accompanying the image.

Lady Kitty Spencer and the Arabian Nights wedding with Michael Lewis – guard

WHO IS SHE – Lady Amelia Spencer (although her first name would be Katya) is a cousin of princes William and Harry. She has a twin sister - Lady Eliza - and two other siblings: a son, Louis, and an older sister, Lady Kitty. Amelia was the great absentee at Harry and Meghan's wedding in 2018 at Windsor Castle. While all her other cousins ​​were well present. The gossips say that there is bad blood between Meghan and Amelia and that for this reason she was not invited (while she was at William and Kate's wedding, of course).