An award for those who tell and fight inequalities

Conceived by Oxfam with the Alessandra Appiano - Amici di Salvavo Association, it aims to enhance volunteers, associations, journalists who have told and opposed the injustice of the system where the poor increase and the rich see their assets grow


The second edition of the Fighting Inequality - It Can Be Done Award has started, conceived by Oxfam , in collaboration with the Alessandra Appiano Association - Rescue Friends and open to volunteers, activists, journalists, communicators, associations that with projects, ideas and work have tried to tell and reduce the ever deeper gap that separates those who can afford comfort, culture, opportunities and those who cannot satisfy their basic needs .

THE POOR ARE INCREASING AND THE RICH ARE INCREASING MORE AND MORE - The latest data released by Oxfam show that as food and energy prices rise, the spiral of extreme poverty around the world risks engulfing one million people every 36 hours. By contrast, the super rich in the food and energy sectors continue to grow their fortunes at the rate of $ 1 billion every two days.
To give an idea: in Italy, one in eight workers lives in families with insufficient income to cover their basic needs and working poverty has grown by three percentage points in just over a decade, from 10.3% of the 2006 at 13.2% in 2017, affecting single-income households, self-employed workers, and part-time employees.
'Economic inequalities, the lack of opportunities for young people, poor work, inequitable access to vaccines, treatment and education, gender inequality characterize our societies and seem invincible monsters', explains Emilia Romano, president by Oxfam Italia. 'All the more so in the last two years of pandemic and economic crisis, when the wealth of billionaires has increased more in 24 months of Covid than in the first 23 years of the Forbes surveys. Among the many who have worked every day against inequalities, we want to reward those who have tried to remove obstacles, invent alternatives, give a voice to the weakest to build a more just world. We do this by remembering one of our great supporters, Alessandra Appiano, who shared with us precisely the battle against the injustice of inequality and poverty '.

THE AWARD SECTIONS - The first section Telling inequality will reward the communication professional who has told about inequality in its most diverse forms (social, economic, gender, access to health, vaccines and psychiatric care, education), through articles, videos, photo or other tool. The members of the jury are: Camilla Baresani, writer, journalists Roberto Giovannini, Giuseppe Smorto and Marco Pratellesi, deputy director of Oggi, for the Alessandra Appiano-Amici di Salvavo Association, Nanni Delbecchi, of Il Fatto newspaper, Vito Oliva, journalist, and Mariateresa Alvino, media manager of Oxfam Italia. The second section Tackling inequality will reward operators, volunteers, activists or associations who have demonstrated, with their commitment, that inequality can be fought and that those who suffer from it can emancipate themselves. On the jury of the section - composed of Leonardo Becchetti, full professor of Political Economy - University of Rome Tor Vergata, Riccardo Bonacina, journalist and founder of Vita, Don Stefano Stimamiglio, director of Famiglia Cristiana, Mariateresa Alvino, media manager of Oxfam Italia, Francesco Petrelli, head of institutional relations of Oxfam Italia, Marta Pieri, corporate manager of Oxfam Italia - will confer a special recognition to a company or an entrepreneur or an entrepreneur who has demonstrated, with investments and projects, the ability to promote production models and growth in full respect and promotion of the human rights of all communities and people involved in their business.

TIMES - Applications must be submitted no later than 12 February, through the Oxfam site . The delivery of the prizes is scheduled for the first half of May in Florence, on the occasion of the Festival Let's create a future of equality. The exact date of the award ceremony will be communicated at the close of the announcement. The competition does not provide for the assignment of a sum of money, but of a symbolic recognition, made publicly known.