Anatoly Karpov, the chess legend, is in intensive care. Yellow about what happened

Anatoly Karpov, one of the greatest chess champions of all time and now a member of the Duma, is in intensive care: officially due to a domestic injury. But there are those who claim that he was attacked

 Karpov Anatoly Karpov is 71 years old. His chess games enthralled the world

It is yellow on the reasons that led Anatolij Karpov, the Russian chess legend, to be hospitalized in intensive care: 'He is receiving all the necessary medical care' they assure the agency Tass those of the press office of the Duma, where the champion has been occupying a parliamentary chair for some time. But why is not at all clear.

Bianca Atzei brings her 'tummy' to the beach (and Stefano Corti is there too) Bianca Atzei brings her 'tummy' to the beach (and Stefano Corti is there too)

THE YELLOW - According to Russian Telegram channels, Karpov, 71, was found unconscious near Parliament. In fact, he has been a deputy for years, first as an opponent of Vladimir Putin, then as his supporter of him, so much so that he is included in the 351 politicians affected by the sanctions for recognizing the independence of Donetsk and Lugansk, occupied in Ukraine and annexed. But what happened to him?

INJURY OR AGGRESSION? - According to Andrei Kovalev, president of the Russian Movement of Entrepreneurs, the champion fell into a coma after being attacked by some unknown men. But in an interview with Tass , his assistant Albert Stepanyan denied. According to the Duma press office, Karpov would be in a Moscow clinic where he 'is receiving all the necessary medical care. The accident is of a domestic nature. We are in constant contact with the relatives of the parliamentarian'.