And Cristian Totti comes out with his girlfriend: it is the actress Melissa Monti

The eldest son of the former footballer and Ilary Blasi has been with a young (and already established) actress for almost a year. But only now do they come out. Sharing with all their kisses. And with a “fierce” song

 cristian-totti-melissa-monti Cristian Totti and Melissa Monti, how many kisses! Photo Video

Cristian Totti is a bashful boyfriend, at least on social media: there is only one post on Instagram (him alone, against a background of blue sky and clouds) and you have to fathom the stories to find traces of the one-year liaison with Melissa Monti, a seventeen-year-old actress (like Cristian, who recently turned 17, on November 6), but with a career already underway – Photo | video

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HOW MANY KISSES! - There, in the Instagram stories, there is a wealth of photos of lovers, a mine of kisses in various settings: in the rain, in bed, in the mountains or on the beach. As an accompaniment and commentary, a blue heart often recurs. As a soundtrack, a piece by Poli Ok, which makes it clear that the relationship, like all adolescent ones, is rather eventful. From the title of the song: Get complicated.

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HE LIKE THE FATHER, SHE… - Complications aside, the story, known only for a month and a half, has been going on for almost a year. Cristian follows in his father's footsteps in Rome. Melissa is more similar, in her career, to the 'mother-in-law' Ilary Blasi. A career split between TV, where she made her debut as a child with The Thirteenth Apostle (TV series starring Claudio Gioè) and cinema, where he already has two titles in his curriculum: My name is Maya (2015 film in which he has a role) and none other than The great beauty , dove has a share.

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PASSION FOR DANCE AND… DIVING - Several commercials are added to the series and films, among which the one for Armani stands out. Little else is known about Melissa. She that she loves to dance, and that she swims and dives. And, precisely, that she loves Cristian, in the ferocious way that Poli Ok sings: 'You and I are complicated / We made war then peace my God / But I hold you close to me I will not let you go even if you scream in my face ”.