Andrea Delogu: “Me, rejected by a restaurant because I was in overalls”. The answer: 'She didn't go like this'

The redhead presenter told about her misadventure on TikTok. But the restaurateur replies: “It was just a misunderstanding”. Here's how she went

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L’ affair of the tracksuit: so you could easily rename the quarrel starring the host Andrea Delogu and the owners of a restaurant. The redhead said, between disappointed and angry, that she was thrown out of a restaurant because she was in a tracksuit and she did it with a video on TikTok. “I finish the gym, dressed as a gym. I go downstairs, where she has opened a restaurant and I wanted to try it out ”, she explained in her video of her in which she looks very pretty even after removing make-up. “I go to the lady outside and ask her if there are two places to eat. This lady squares me, squares the person who was with me. We were in gym clothes, and she tells us that the restaurant is full '- Photo | video

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GO AWAY BUT THEN DOUBT COMES - Delogu leaves without flinching, without protesting even though she sees that there are several free tables. Except that at a certain point, she gets the doubt, she calls the place back. And her answer displaces her: 'Please, come, we are waiting for you'. In the video, Delogu comments at that point: 'They could have told me there was a dress code. I was sorry they told a lie. I was disappointed ».

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THE RESTAURANT'S RESPONSE - Question over? Absolutely not, the restaurateur, interviewed by Corriere della Sera he - secondly - told the story from his point of view “This story was like a knife to me. We have recently opened, so we don't send people away. Then I usually dress in shorts and a T-shirt, so imagine if I send away the people who arrive in overalls ”. Adding: “When the couple came, we really had all the tables booked. Shortly after, however, they canceled one, so when they phoned me later, I said yes. Now I invited her to talk about it together over a plate of spaghetti and a good glass of wine '(A collaborator of the restaurant then added to explain the free tables:' Being running in we did not want the place to be completely occupied to follow customers better).

AND I READ HIS INSTAGRAM.. . Over there? No, Andrea the redhead, who certainly does not lack irony, made a post on Instagram with the revealing title 'Tuta Gate' and wrote: 'I open the press review and see a roundup of news. Raga was a video diary where nobody was mentioned, but hey, I didn't think TikTok could make more noise than a classic costume photo ”. And then, she concludes. “I hope I have not done any harm. It was not my intention'. At this point all that remains is the peacemaking meeting. In overalls of course.