Andrea Giambruno, this is who Giorgia Meloni's partner really is

The journalist will (most likely) be the first first gentleman of Italy. Here he talks about his love relationship with the winner of the elections. And how they manage to reconcile their work and attention for their daughter Geneva

  giorgia-meloni-andrea-giambruno Andrea Giambruno is Giorgia Meloni's partner: together they have their daughter Ginevra, 6 years old Photo Video

He, Andrea Giambruno, is at the moment the most observed man (and perhaps vivisected by the Italian media). 41 years old, journalist of Open Studio he is Giorgia Meloni's partner. Of course everyone wants to know something about him. For seven years next to Meloni, now he will (most likely) be the first first gentleman of Italy - Photo | video

Giorgia Meloni, the first words after the election victory Giorgia Meloni, the first words after the election victory

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'I'M HAPPY FOR HER' - These are the words Giambruno entrusted to Corriere della Sera: 'I am happy, it is something epochal: for Giorgia, it is the completion of a thirty-year journey; for our daughter, it is a page of history which, when she grows up, will make her proud to be her mother ”. And surprisingly, given that Meloni herself had indicated him as a leftist, she added: “It was a joke: I'm not a leftist, it's just that we have differing opinions on some ethical issues, such as assisted suicide. The two of us discuss sensitive issues that - I understand - politics must address with a different responsibility than me who only have my personal opinion', while on abortion the journalist was categorical: 'There is no discussion: there is no you will find a line in which Giorgia contests the 194″. Topic that had abundantly inflamed social media and the media.

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“STATE TRAVELS, ONLY IF…” - On state trips, because probably many people already imagined him at the Elysée or at the White House in a tuxedo and the question was a must , instead, he explained: “If you have to go, and when Giorgia asks me, I will do it with pleasure. But I don't crave to be there.' While on the Peppa Pig case with two mothers she added: “I can also show her and, if she were to ask why there are two mothers, I'll explain it to her. However, one thing is a choice explained by a parent, another is forcibly passing on a concept'

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THE FIRST MEETING But how did they meet? It was g aleotto a program by Paolo Del Debbio, in which Giambruno was the author and Meloni mistook him for an assistant. To tell the story of the first gentleman in pectore, Meloni was holding a fruit and – Giambruno said: 'I rush and snatch it from his hand even with a certain enthusiasm, we miss Meloni live with a banana'. Adding: 'I don't know, our eyes meet in a strange way, it was a moment'. It was true love, Geneva was born. And now they are making history, at least in Italy. In the rest of the world, a female leader and a husband first gentleman (reminds you of someone oachim Sauer, is Angela Merkel's husband?) is routine.