Andrea Ruggeri and love with Anna Falchi: 'He could have told me it was over, instead of the newspapers...'

The former deputy of Forza Italia bitterly recounts the end of the relationship that lasted 11 years: 'I will always love her, but you don't remain friends when such a long story ends'

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Andrea Ruggieri revealed the reasons for his breakup with Anna Falchi on the Rai radio show 'un giorno da Pecora'. The former Forza Italia deputy removed a few pebbles from his shoe. For example, the behavior of the showgirl on the occasion of the separation: '' She spoke to journalists doing interviews on the end of our relationship instead of parking about it with me, and this was even less pleasant. In the end, on balance, I think I've earned it' - Photo | video

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WE DIDN'T REMAIN FRIENDS - Andrea Ruggieri's despondency for the end of the long relationship is not hidden: “We broke up with Anna, it was a painful thing, as always when these stories end. I then decreed that this would be my family and therefore I am even less pleased'. But Bruno Vespa's nephew eventually finds a way to correct so much bitterness with a note of sweetness: 'You don't stay friends when you spend so much together. That's how it went, it's part of life. In any case, I will always love Anna'.

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ANNA'S NEW FLAME - At the end of July Anna Falchi came out in the open in the newspaper Spend , on which she had spoken openly of her new love, the entrepreneur Walter Rodinò, with whom she had been paparazzi during a session of fiery kisses. Regarding the end of the story with Andrea Ruggieri, which lasted 11 years, Falchi had been quite laconic, attributing the end of love above all to the decision to move in together, and to the fact that she did not feel loved enough.