Angela Celentano, a new hope from Mexico: 'We need DNA'

A report (and photo) of a girl who incredibly resembles a sister of the child who disappeared in 1986 rekindles hopes. And this time there are two really solid clues ...

 In the footsteps of Angela Celentano. The searches will restart from Cancun Angela Celentano, how she was when she disappeared and how it could be today Photo

Angela Celentano, a new hope of finding her alive comes from Mexico. The photo of a girl who incredibly resembles one of the sisters has in fact reached the family among the many sighting reports. And other clues push us to deepen the track. - Photo

Angela Celentano, skips the Mexican track: “The photo is of a mythomaniac

THE LAWYER - There has been no news of Angela since 10 August 1986, when she disappeared on Monte Faito when she was only three years old. Her parents, Maria and Catello Celentano, never stopped looking for her. In 2013, news finally seemed to arrive, right from Mexico: but the photo of Celeste Ruiz, allegedly the new name attributed to Angela, turned out to be a fake. Now, however, things may be different. The family lawyer Luigi Ferrandino explains to Ansa: 'The report came last June and after private activities we came into possession of a photo of the girl, incredibly similar to another of the Celentano daughters'. But there are two other surprising clues: the first is a mole, which could correspond to what Angela had. The second concerns the relations that the family of the woman residing in Mexico had at the time with Campania and in particular with Vico Equense, where the Celentano family live.

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YOU NEED DNA - However, the lawyer is cautious. And he says al Corriere della Sera : “Angela's parents have no particular illusions. But of course this time the elements are different. It should be noted that so far she has not been interested in either the Italian judicial authority or that of the country where the girl resides. We are moving with private contacts, above all because the times of justice are different and less rapid than those of autonomous activity. To tell the truth, the phase we are in would need a DNA test ”.