Angelina Jolie returns to the set: it will be Maria Callas. And she forgets her fights with Brad Pitt

Chosen by Pablo Larrain for his new film. The actress: “I take the responsibility of telling her life very seriously. I'll give everything I can.' She is only the latest star to confront the biopic of great women: from Hellen Mirren-Elizabeth to Kristen Stewart-Lady Diana

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Talented, unstoppable, feminist, actress Angelina Jolie has made a brand of herself. Which is now consolidating with her new role, that of Maria Callas, in turn a strong woman, capable of singing very difficult songs. Difficult as her life has been. Directed by the director Pablo Larraín, not just any director but the king of biopics. His Jackie on Jacqueline Kennedy with Natalie Portman and especially, Spencer on Lady Diana, with Oscar-nominated Kristen Stewart. In short, a coup for both – Photo 1 | photo 2 | video

Angelina Jolie in tears speaks for the first time of the divorce from Brad Pitt: “We will always be a family”. Watch the video Angelina Jolie in tears speaks for the first time of the divorce from Brad Pitt: 'We will always be a family.' Watch the video

JOLIE, A LIFE “ON THE BARRICADES” - Jolie has certainly specialized in roles where a strong woman appears, whether they are serious films from Marvel or Disney, in perfect harmony with her humanitarian battles, we must not forget that she is an ambassador of Unhc. In the cinema she was very proud of her role as the villain of Maleficent (but that was not bad) and of Thena in Eternals , defined fierce warrior and immortal who can form any weapon from cosmic energy. She certainly is also very fierce in her personal life. In her now relentless fight with ex-husband Brad Pitt, she said that the actor had been 'emotionally and physically violent' even towards his children. The allegations had emerged during the dispute over the sale of theirs charming vineyard in France.

Jolie, new allegations: “Brad Pitt beat me and our children – guard

“A DREAM”, SHE SAYS I take the responsibility of chronicling Mary's life and legacy very seriously . I will give everything I can to face the challenge', she said, speaking of the film. Adding: “ Pablo Larraín is a director I have long admired. To be able to tell more of Maria's story with him, and with a screenplay by Steven Knight, is a dream.' A competition of compliments between her and the director who reciprocated and declared: ' Doing it with Angelina, a courageous and curious artist, is a fascinating opportunity. A real gift.'

THE STAR OF THIS BIOPIC - Angelina is certainly not the first star to play a star of the past: in Italy Luisa Ranieri played Luisa Spagnoli, enlightened entrepreneur and creator of Bacio Perugina, Paola Cortellesi Maria Montessori, Vittoria Puccini was Oriana Fallaci, while abroad Madonna was Avoid Peron.

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THE HEART OF THE FILM - The director's intent will be to tell the whole life of Callas (1923-1977) as a 'tumultuous, beautiful and tragic' journey up to Paris in the 70s. And what better diva than Angelina with her extremely complicated private life and magnetic gaze to interpret it?

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