Anna Martini and Claudio Tappino, six children (all boys!) and accounts that always add up: this is how they do it

Eight people in 120 square meters. And a dog they adore. It is the family of Claudio and Anna, who was enriched by the sixth child in October. Here they tell their incredible story. And how they conquered the web

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Anna Martini and Claudio Tappino have six children, all boys. They live in Genoa in a 120 square meter apartment. And, while they were at it, they got a dog, which they adore. They show their life on Instagram, with videos and photos, and all together they have become influencers, with many followers divided between her and him: “To eat? We spend less than 20 euros a day” – Photo | video

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The Tappino family conquers the web - guard

HISTORY - A month ago, the last member of the offspring was born, Amedeo, who in addition to giving immense joy to his parents, caused havoc on social networks: in fact, father and mother forcibly changed their username on Instagram: from mammadi5maschi, and from papadi5maschi, to moms of 6 boys and dads of 6 boys. Almost 120 thousand followers she (who has also written three books) almost 30 thousand him, theirs is truly an original story on the net. And he tells the Corriere della Sera .

Food collection, do the shopping for those who can't afford it - guard

CHILDREN - Above all, everyone has their own commitments, despite school. And Anna remembers them all by heart: Giancarlo, 15 years old, gym; Tiziano, 12, field hockey, volleyball, gym; Teodoro, 8, swimming and athletics; Ascanio, 6, gym, swimming and theater; Rubio, 4, swimming; Amedeo nothing (he is one month old, how could it be otherwise?). But how do you manage to manage such a large family? “You need a lot of patience and a good family organization. Everything else is fun' says the supermom, who even says that there are often many more at home: 'After all, it is much less embarrassing for our friends or the kids' classmates to come here than for us to have to introduce ourselves to their house in eight!”

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HOUSE RULES - Of course, there are rules: “We have dinner together, in the meantime. All time. Everyone at the table. And immediately there is the nursery rhyme of good appetite, a tradition to make younger children understand the importance of getting together at least once a day'. For shopping, the products on offer are evaluated, clothes are handed down from brother to brother, the focus is obviously on saving and not wasting food and money: “We spend less than 20 euros a day, except for meat or special menus. How do we do it? Only one course per meal and that it is the same for everyone. Children can't say: 'I don't like this', they can't ask what they would like for dinner, otherwise it would be chaos'. Anna works as a social media manager in an employment agency, he in a dealership in Lavagna. Then there's the new influencer commitment, which certainly helps: 'We're positive influencers, we try to tell about our daily life and family management on Instagram. We show that everything is possible: for example by photographing our dinner and, in parallel, the shopping receipts. Over time, collaborations have arisen and very often some companies send us products (not just food) to try and promote'.

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THE STARS - Mom wakes everyone up at 7 every day. The grown-ups go to school alone, the three little ones walk with her. In the afternoon, the father goes to collect them from the various activities. At home, the prize system with stars is in force: “It's called the token economy. When the kids take note of merit at school or do something good, a star arrives, in case of demerit they are forgiven. If they reach five stars, we find a way to reward them.' For everyone the birthday party with friends. She seems tiring, but Anna sees it differently: “We are a particular family, it's true, but it's easier than it seems. Economic issues matter little, the saying applies: 'Where two eat, three eat', in our case eight. We have a mortgage to pay, until a few months ago we had two, with salaries that are certainly not high. There's always a way to do things, unless you have the ambition to take them to five-star resorts. You can raise your children on pasta with sauce or filet and sushi. It's a choice, but it's worth it.'