Anna Tatangelo, mother Palmira died: she was only 67 years old. 'It's too much pain'

The singer's mother, who had been ill for some time, died in Sora, in the province of Frosinone. She was well known in the village for the 'donuts' that she churned out from her shop. And the farewell of her daughter is poignant

 AND' morta la madre di Anna Tatangelo Anna Tatangelo with mother Palmira Vinci Photo Video

Anna Tatangelo mourning the death of her mother Palmira: ill for some time, the woman died in Sora, in the province of Frosinone, at only 67 years old. Her funeral will be celebrated this afternoon in the Passionist church. exclusive photos | video

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THE TRAGEDY - The singer never left her alone and often posted photos with her mother on social media, who with dad Dante had created the famous sorane 'donuts' often given as gifts to customers who passed in front of their market stalls. In Sora, the pair were well known for this. On TV, Anna had said of her: 'My mother is a tank', without hiding the ordeal she was experiencing. The father learned of the mourning while he was at work in the market and rushed home. Anna's social message, which soon went viral, was poignant: 'It's too strong a pain ... Bye mom.' Many messages of solidarity. Among the first those of the mayor of Sora, Luca Di Stefano, reported by the Messenger: “Dear Anna, on behalf of all citizens, I express our closeness to you in this moment of pain. You made us emotional with your songs, on this sad day we are moved with you!'

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A BLACK PERIOD - The funeral will be held today at 3.30 pm in the Passionist church of Sora. The last two years have been very hard for Anna of her: before her the domestic accident that occurred to her mother, in August 2020, following which she suffered a severe facial trauma. And in June the theft of her father's donut shop van, later found a few kilometers away by the police. Now the saddest epilogue of a black period.

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