'Annamaria Franzoni returns to the Cogne villa where she killed her son Samuele'

The woman was definitively convicted of the murder of the child of only 3 years. She was January 30, 2002. And twenty years later, she is back in the family house. As shown by the weekly Giallo

 annamaria franzoni Annamaria Franzoni in front of the villa of the crime in the images of Giallo Photo Video

Annamaria Franzoni returned to her home in Cogne where, according to the sentences, she killed her 3-year-old son Samuele Lorenzi. The image of her that portrays her in front of her home on August 15th is published exclusively by the weekly Giallo- exclusive photos | video

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THE CRIME - The crime of Cogne was the first media crime, which ended up in the crosshairs of the TV practically 24 hours a day, the subject of television debates, specials of newspapers and broadcasts, books. It was January 30, 2002 when Samuele was hit in the head on the bed with a blunt object. The mother, Annamaria, claimed to have noticed the dying little boy once she returned home, after having taken her eldest son, Davide, to the school bus. But suspicions soon gathered about her. The Ris di Parma arrived on the media scene for the first time and public opinion sided with innocentists and guilty ones like never before. She always protested innocent and the weapon was never found. Her trials saw her succumb. Considered sane, she was finally sentenced to 16 years in prison. She remained in prison in Bologna for six years and a month, benefiting from external work for a period. On June 26, 2014, she was granted house arrest in her house Ripoli Santa Cristina, a hamlet of San Benedetto Val di Sambro.

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THE TRANSFER - In 2019 she went free again. And, according to her chronicles, she would live with her husband Stefano and their son Gioele, born on January 26, 2003, in a villa given to her by her father in Monteacuto Vallese, a hamlet of San Benedetto Val di Sambro. Instead, Davide, her eldest son, who was seven years old on the day of the tragedy, would go to work in Romania.

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RETURN TO COGNE - Today Annamaria is 51 years old. In the photos published by Giallo she can be seen entering the villa in Cogne, which appears in perfect order, with the well-kept garden and the flowers in the windows. Even the house of the crime scene has remained on the news in recent years, first due to a foreclosure (later smoothed out) carried out by Annamaria's former lawyer, Carlo Taormina, then for an alleged trespassing for a TV report.

Source: oggi.it