Antonella Clerici and Vittorio Garrone: 'We don't need marriage'

The presenter and the entrepreneur have been a couple for six years. Here they recall their very romantic beginning. The marriage? “There is a balance that it is better not to touch,” she says. “Anyway, never say never,” he replies

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Antonella Clerici and Vittorio Garrone's love nest is in Milan, she says: 'It's the only place where we can be alone: ​​in Arquata Scrivia, there are three dogs, four children'. But that house in the woods in Arquata Scrivia, in Piedmont, is their place, where they built everything… – Photo | video

Antonella Clerici, the sweet birthday party for her daughter Maelle. Watch the private video Antonella Clerici, the sweet birthday party for her daughter Maelle. Watch the private video

Antonella Clerici with her daughter Maelle and her partner Vittorio Garrone: a sweet life ... as a dog - guard

'I LEAVE ROME AND COME TO YOU' - «For me, the countryside was that of Brianza where I went at the age of 23, with my first husband, a place I wanted to escape from. Instead, now I have discovered that I have contact with nature inside: now, I know how to recognize flowers, the changes of season, I love that greenery, those landscapes », said the presenter of It's always Noon (Rai 1) al Corriere della Sera . And Vittorio (vice president of Erg) relaunched: «In Arquata, he heard something. Probably, he felt my soul. After a while he said: I'm leaving Rome and I'm coming to you. I didn't expect it.'

Antonella Clerici celebrates her daughter Maelle's birthday - guard

'LIKE BROTHERS' - At Arquata Scrivia, Clerici and Garrone brought together a large tribe. He has three children, she has the thirteen-year-old Maelle born of love with Eddy Martens: 'They have a relationship like brothers, it wasn't obvious'. And then there are the dogs Argo, Pepper and Simba, the horses, the cows, the chickens and more «roe deer, fallow deer, deer, wild boar». But above all there are them. And they recounted the beginning of their love with an even more touching romance if we think that they have been a couple for six years now.

Antonella Clerici speaks: “Me, Vittorio Garrone, my daughter and her children: a Christmas with a… extended family!

SUCH A ROMANTIC START… - Antonella: «The dietitian of my program, Evelina Flachi, tells me: I met a man who would be perfect for you, he has your same good eyes and he recently separated». Vittorio: «I don't watch TV much, it's not that I didn't know that Antonella existed, but before meeting her in Rome with Evelina, I took a look on Google. When she entered the restaurant, it was a stroke of light. We started talking and forgot about our friend. Afterwards, I stood there, in the void left by her taxi, like an idiot. I went back to the hotel and walked on clouds. It happened six years ago, I was 50, I thought: with such a charming and intelligent woman I can't use tactics, I have to be as I am and let's hope she doesn't tell me 'let's stay friends'. So, I sent her a message. It took a while… Three months of courtship». Antonella: «Of letters. Scented. She just sent them to me. She writes very well. She wrote down her feelings without expecting an answer.'
Vittorio: «I wrote to her 'you, for me, are the timeless time'».
Antonella: «He told me about how he was made, he told me that I could take my time to decide. However, I found him cute but I didn't want a relationship, I was coming out of a difficult story. However, my co-workers noticed that I laughed a lot when he called. Then, I go to America for work and I find myself talking to each other for a long time on the phone and, little by little, the barriers fall down».
Vittorio: «He was completely unaware of the time zone. He called at night. However: first dinner in Rapallo, in a restaurant; first kiss in Portofino and we were already paparazzi on Chi ».
Antonella: «Not exactly the best: we are grown up, these are things that one must tell one's children first».

Antonella Clerici: 'I present to you my daughter Maelle: I return to TV only with her permission...

OF MARRIAGE - But in the end it all worked out for the best. In the woods in Arquata, also due to the forced coexistence of the lockdown, they have become a family. And the wedding? Antonella: «The beauty of our relationship is that neither of us has material interests in being with the other. Also for this reason, there is a balance that it is better not to touch». Vittorio: «Anyway, never say never. For me, marriage is an act of love. Anto doesn't like surprises, but I make them for him anyway».