ARD star shows topless photo – and shares important message

  Tanja Lanäus expected the reaction to her latest Instagram post. Tanja Lanäus expected the reaction to her latest Instagram post. Bild: Imago-Images / Future Image

Fans of the ARD series 'Sturm der Liebe' know Tanja Lanäus for her leading role as Yvonne Klee. on Instagram follow the actress more than 32,000 people . With her followers she is currently sharing pictures in front of a breathtaking backdrop, because Lanäus is doing it Vacation on the Croatian peninsula of Istria.

It contains yours Fans of course not photos of themselves on the light blue waters of Croatia. Your followers, who were on the platform on Wednesday, may have discovered another photo of Tanja Lanäus on their profile.

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Instagram deletes topless photo

There she shared a photo of herself wearing only bikini bottoms: a topless photo from her vacation. She only later covered her nipples with an orange strip. She draws attention to an important topic. Under the post she asks:

'Why do guys run around topless in the pool and most women don't? (...) Why isn't it up to women whether they want to wear a bra or a bikini, or not?'

But not everyone got to see the photo, because Instagram deleted the picture after around five hours, reports Tanja Lanäus to the ' picture '—although her nipples were covered with a bar.'

Instagram's reaction shows exactly the problem she actually wanted to draw attention to. The 'Storm of Love' star says:

'If you look online and scroll through Instagram, you see a lot of men proudly posting themselves shirtless while women are very careful about how they present themselves.'

Tanja Lanäus has a clear opinion on showing breasts

When a woman shows herself topless, she still draws a lot of looks, she continues. These are not only positive looks from men and women because they find it beautiful, but also many derogatory ones.

In 2022 she could no longer understand it at all. 'There are really more important problems!', says Tanja Lanäus. And further she says:

'We should be happy that after the months of pandemic we can finally move freely again and not discuss whether a woman can sunbathe topless in the outdoor pool or whether she has to wear a bra under her shirt!' Tanja Lanäus' vacation picture was deleted from Instagram after about five hours. Bild: Instagram/Screenshot/@tanja_lanaeus

That's why she wanted to start this discussion on Instagram. 'It was just an experiment for me,' she says. She expected the photo to be deleted. However, she thought that would happen after half an hour. 'At least I managed to see him for five hours,' says the actress, laughing.

She adds seriously: 'One should finally stop attaching something forbidden to a bare chest. In 2022, it should be normal for a woman to sunbathe topless or breastfeed in public! 'For her, this is a sign of freedom and self-determination.

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Thanks to their Instagram community

On Friday, Tanja Lanäus thanks her community in her Instagram story. The reactions and messages she has now received are consistently positive. Of course there are also a few negatives, but most of the time they don't let that pull you down at all.

'I also found the discussion so great under the post' , she adds. She also has a message for the social media platform: 'Instagram should have left it alone.' In that case, even more people could have participated.