Arisa renounces men: “I'm done with you. But maybe I have a child by myself ”- exclusive

She turned 40, is 'recovering' after the end of her last relationship and no longer wants to suffer. 'I give up on love. I say this reluctantly because as a child I always dreamed of it '. Yet a child would like it: 'But I think it would be better without a partner.' And here she tells us why

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The appointment is in a design gallery in a historic building in Naples. Arisa is spending a few days in the city because she, she confides, 'I'd like to take a house here.' She is satisfied with her latest single of her, you my downfall , the first in Spanish, and will spend the months of August and September on tour. Barring unforeseen events, in the autumn she will return to teach singing to Friends. - Photo | video

For now, love life is less fortunate: the liaison with the dancer Vito Coppola, 28, who was his teacher at dancing with the Stars , it's over (and he flew to London to attend the English version of the show). 'On August 20 I turned 40,' says the singer sitting on a spartan chair (which is actually a design object), anticipating the question. 'I don't abandon myself to sadness and the definition of age. Instead of getting old, I want to rejuvenate ».

At around 37-38 he said he was terrified of getting old. «It's the fault of Italian chauvinism. Here you age faster, they make you weigh it, a woman is labeled with age. But these 40 years are important, I used to delegate to time, now I understand that I do my time ».

Physically, he is fit. «I take care of myself, I work on myself, not to reflect a canon, but to be strong, satisfied with what I see in the mirror. I want to make sure that when I sleep with a man, he really likes me. Although she will never become Bella Hadid ».

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But this is also the case thanks to cosmetic surgery. 'What's wrong? Working on oneself with surgery is not to be blamed. I think about the possibility of having my breasts remade. For now I do maintenance, lipofilling. I would have done my nose a long time ago, but I sing with this nose. The truth is that you need to surround yourself with people who accept us for who we are. People tell you 'how you lost weight, how you got fat', but will it be my business? '

Is she in love right now? 'I'm convalescing after the last story. I realized that I have to deal with people of my age, it is difficult to relate to those who are younger. I have not always taken care of the other, in this last love I did it and it did not pay. You have to find the right balance, in which you are loved as much as you love '.

Has love ever found him? 'Never. I've always had unbalanced relationships. I give up on love. I say this reluctantly, I suffer, because as a child I always dreamed of love. At some point we women feel the desire for motherhood, and we become the mother of our man. I live it as a precious feeling, and then I understand that for others you are an old woman who wants to be a mother ».

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Would you like a child? “I think it would be better if I dealt with this alone, rather than with a partner. Because I am afraid of love that ends, for me love is truly forever. The idea of ​​death, the end of a relationship, that my parents can go away drives me crazy. If I were more carefree, I would have a partner, children. Being with women wouldn't be a solution either, and saying that I started fighting for rights in 2010, when it wasn't fashionable. It happens that some girls make me understand that they would like something more, but I like men ».

Is she related to her parents? «Yes, but I am an absent daughter. I cut out moments in the year when it's just me and the two of them, the happy microclimate of when I was their little girl is recreated '.

What daughter was it? 'A daughter it sucks , as my father would say, a pet, rebellious, I started smoking at 9 years old. I took a lot of blows, but I was irreducible. The more they beat me the more I did. I have to thank the parents because they forged me. When someone is mean to me I know how to deal with them. I have more difficulty with hypocrisy, fake smile, meanness '.

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She left from Pignola, in the province of Potenza, and made her own. 'When I arrived in Milan, during the day I was a hairdresser and a beautician for 600 euros a month, but the rent cost 350. So in the evening I worked in a club, the Flattened , even though my parents didn't want to. I slept an hour a night, I was exhausted, I started screaming, I shaved my hair for the first time. So I went home, then I won a scholarship for Cet, the school of Mogol, and from there it all started ».

In Tu my perdition sings an amore forte. “It's a magical rite, a kind of litany. I come from a culture, the Lucanian one, which is rural, esoteric, in which mantras are used against the evil eye. Here I am talking about a broken relationship, you want to recover it but the only thing left is to throw a thought into the universe. I know that sooner or later this love will return to me in any form, because it is not possible for such a great thing to stop ».

You haven't signed yet, but would you be happy to go back to Amici? 'Very, very much. The boys inspire me, in that school there is new lymph, there is creativity, it is nice to be in contact with a generation different from yours '.

What do you listen to about Generation Z music? 'I like Salmo, even though he once wrote in a song' a monster like Arisa '. It doesn't matter, if you are my friend I don't necessarily like you, otherwise I don't. I went to his concert, he is an intelligent artist ».

Your my downfall is an independent production. eat ma? «The discography and I no longer understood each other, now I do everything myself. It is not that there is no one who invests in me, it is I who want to be pure, sincere. Every time I propose myself, there is someone who bites into my production. I am an artist, and I get the cons, I accept loneliness, the fact of being a misfit, but then I want to be free, not do what others say '.

Is she serene? 'Serena, no. I am charged, I want to do, I think about the future. But, to quote a pearl from my father, I feel like a cow without a bell. My father rocks, doesn't he? '
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