Asia Argento and Anthony Bourdain's suicide: 'There is a design to put the blame on me'

The actress responds to the controversy arising from the publication of the chef's unauthorized biography. Of the 'vultures' around him and the fact that theirs was an 'open couple'. And she dedicates a thought to Morgan…

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Asia Argento responds for the first time to the controversies that arose from the publication of the unauthorized biography of Anthony Bourdain, her partner who committed suicide in 2018. And she does not hide her bitterness: 'There was a design to put the blame on me' exclusive photos | video 1 | video 2 | video 3 | video 4

Asia Argento: 'I'll tell you how it went with Anthony Bourdain' Asia Argento: 'I'll tell you how it went with Anthony Bourdain'

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ANTHONY'S LAST DAY - Everything comes from the anticipations of New York Times from the book Down and out in paradise: the life of Anthony Bourdain , out Oct. 11, unauthorized biography authored by Charles Leerhsen, former executive director of Sports Illustrated and People . To write it, Charles had access (from a source he keeps confidential) to the chef's PC and mobile phone, thanks to which he was able to reconstruct the last moments of his life. Anthony hanged himself in his hotel room in Kaysersberg, France on June 8, 2018. He had been Asia's partner for two years. And for Charles he would not have been able to bear the detachment from the Italian actress, who considered him 'too possessive'. The day he died he had an exchange of messages with Asia, following the publication in the weekly Spend , photos of her hugging a French journalist, Hugo Clement. The author of the shots, the king of the paparazzi Rino Barillari, would have said in this regard: 'They made out like 16-year-old children. Everyone was watching them. She looked like a possessed doll, she catalyzed the gaze. Scene of a crazy sensuality”. In fact, after seeing those images, Anthony sent a message to Asia: “I'm fine with it. I'm not a villain. I'm not jealous that you were with another man. You are not mine. You are free. As I said. As I promised. As I really thought. But you were careless. You were reckless with my heart. My life'. And then: “Is there anything I can do?”. Asia replied: 'Don't piss me off.' And he: “OK”. The same evening, after having searched 'hundreds of times' for the name of his partner on the net, Anthony hung himself.

Anthony Bourdain looked up Asia Argento's name 'hundreds of times' on the internet before killing himself. Here's how she (and Morgan) responds - guard

THE VULTURES - Asia is now responding for the first time to the torrent of controversy surrounding the affair. And she does it speaking from Mara Venier to Sunday In . Starting from a question that was first asked: 'Who gave the author of the biography those messages?' And his answer leaves no room for doubt: “The vultures around him. Because so many people took advantage of him.' In fact, he remembers explaining how their relationship was: 'We had a free relationship, we were an open couple'. So there was no reason for Anthony's jealousy. Moreover, for the photos with Clement 'I warned him before they came out, he knew it'.

Asia Argento, the last messages to Anthony Bourdain before the suicide of the chef: 'Stop breaking me' - X Gossip guard

THE LAST MESSAGE - And on the last exchange of messages, he recalls: 'I told him 'don't bother me'. He had been drinking, had problems with alcohol, as I had. He was strange that evening, his voice was thick, he was petulant. I, on the other hand, was happy, the next day I should have started X Factor : a finally happy, important passage, after having passed difficult years for the metoo, and the Weinstein case. He was drunk that night, but it had happened before. And I also knew that he was with his best friend: so I said to myself: she will stay with him, she will let off steam with him. Unfortunately he never saw us again ”. Only the next day did she learn of her death, from her agent who informed her of the chef's suicide: 'she was very cold, cruel'.

Asia Argento, the pain for Anthony Bourdain never goes away: 'Two years without my love' - ​​X Gossip guard

THEY WANT TO BLAIM IT ON ME - And here is what he thinks of what happened: “There was a design by those around Anthony to put the blame on me. Warning: I was the first to blame myself, it's impossible not to. I take that blame. But I think it's an understatement to say that a person takes his own life over an argument. It's never like that. Anthony was a highly intelligent, if very frail, man. We had fought many other times. But when one is depressed - and he was, as can also be seen from other messages he had sent to his wife - when one is sick, when one has problems with alcohol, as Anthony had and as I had at the time … There is a lesson we must all learn. Suicide is an extreme gesture: but whoever does it doesn't really want to die. He just wants to find relief from depression. When one is in that situation he is often ashamed, he does not ask for help: and in fact he too did not ask for help ”.

Anthony Bourdain, shock suicide at 61: Asia Argento's boyfriend hanged himself in Paris guard

MORGAN'S CARESS - His last thought goes to Morgan, who on social media, following the diffusion of the contents of the book, had written of Asia: 'The love between me and her really existed, we loved each other, and when you say ' I love you' even once the desire is over and the story is over, that remains forever. I could never say or do anything against my daughter's mother, and even if I'm no longer in love with her, she will always have my respect and complicity.' Asia comments: “I did not expect that message. It came to me like a caress.'