Asia Argento, the last messages to Anthony Bourdain before the chef's suicide: 'Stop breaking me''

An unauthorized biography reveals how much the cooking star could not bear the separation from the actress. Until the last exchange that sounds chilling. But she disputes the reconstruction

  anthony-bourdain-asia-silver-messages-1920 Asia Argento and Anthony Bourdain at the time of their love in the exclusive images of Oggi Photo Video

Anthony Bourdain could not bear the separation from Asia Argento. And when she wrote him a very harsh text message ('don't piss me off') he took his own life. This is what an unauthorized biography of the cooking star claims, the reconstruction of which is contested by both the Italian actress and the brother of the chef, Christopher Bourdain exclusive photos | video 1 | video 2

Anthony Bourdain with Asia Argento, the last happy video before the shocking suicide Anthony Bourdain with Asia Argento, the last happy video before the shocking suicide

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SUICIDE - Anthony hanged himself in his hotel room, in Kaysersberg, France on June 8, 2018. He had been Asia Argento's partner and when he died, she wrote: 'He was my love, my rock, my protector . I am devastated. Please respect his family's privacy and mine.' There were long rumors about the reasons for the suicide. And Asia was heavily attacked on social media. All because of the photos published by the weekly Spend a few days earlier, in which the actress embraced a French journalist, Hugo Clement, much younger than her. The author of the shots, the king of the paparazzi Rino Barillari, said in this regard: 'They made out like 16-year-old children. Everyone was watching them. She looked like a possessed doll, she catalyzed her gaze. Scene of a crazy sensuality”. Three years later Asia confided to Today : “I dreamed about it a month ago, and it was the first time. He came to explain to me why he had done it. I am still in incredible pain. I'm sure that the moment he left his body he said to himself: 'What have I done?!'. I accept what I cannot change. Life is also death.'

Asia Argento, the pain for Anthony Bourdain never goes away: 'Two years without my love' - ​​X Gossip guard

THE BOOK - But an unauthorized biography returns to discuss that suicide, Down and out in paradise: the life of Anthony Bourdain , out October 11, written by Charles Leerhsen, former executive director of Sports Illustrated and People . The author allegedly obtained text files and emails from the chef's laptop from confidential sources. According to the advances of New York Times Anthony could not bear the separation from Asia and had been shocked by the photographs of her with Clement. How much he cared about Asia he had written to his ex-wife Ottavia Busia-Bourdain, who had become her confidant: 'I feel like a hopeless lover'. In the book it is claimed that he gave her thousands of dollars to help her and her children. Meanwhile Asia had become a supporter of Metoo by accusing Harvey Weinstein in the media. And when it was Jimmy Bennett who told of having had a sexual relationship with the Italian actress when he was a minor, Anthony would have hired a private detective to investigate the young actor.

Anthony Bourdain, shock suicide at 61: Asia Argento's boyfriend hanged himself in Paris guard

DON'T BREAK MY BALLS - According to the previews of New York Times , in the last days before his death, the chef had sunk into a severe depression, injecting himself with steroids, drinking and frequenting prostitutes. He had also stopped seeing his daughter and to his ex-wife he had said: “I hate my fans too. I hate being famous. I hate my job.' And again: “I am alone and live in constant uncertainty”. Then, after seeing the photos of Clement with Asia, he wrote to the actress: 'It's fine with me. I'm not a villain. I'm not jealous that you were with another man. You are not mine. You are free. As I said. As I promised. As I really thought. But you were careless. You were reckless with my heart. My life'. And then: “Is there anything I can do?”. Asia would have replied: 'Don't piss me off'. And he: “OK”. That same evening, Anthony hung himself.

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THE DENIAL - Asia contested the reconstruction of the volume, as it had already denied in the past that it was the photos with the French journalist that triggered the suicide. She had written to the author of the book that she had contacted: 'It is always Judas who writes the biography'. And in an email to New York Times he stated that he had not read it. But also: 'I wrote to this man that he could not publish anything I told him'. Pure Christopher has denied the reconstruction of the facts: 'Every single story about the relationships with us, as children and adults, is invented or totally wrong'. But the publisher confirms everything, including the fact that Asia considered Anthony 'too possessive'.