At the interminable Big Brother Vip, the real twist is the health of Patrizia Rossetti

The presenter has to leave the house due to a (presumed) infection. While she continues the soap opera between ex boyfriends. Which reward Canale 5: the reality show wins the evening once again, with almost 22% of the average share. And peaks of more than 3 million viewers

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Twist at Big Brother Vip. Patrizia Rossetti, historical pillar of the House, left (hopefully temporarily) due to a health problem: for weeks she has been suffering from continuous pain in her legs. “It seems that there is an infection, even if it is not a major one,” she explained. 'The fact is that I'm not well. I'm sorry I'm not active in the house, in the dynamics, it's like I have a little dog that nibbles... I haven't slept for three nights because I can't find the right position» – Photo | video

Jeremy Renner on the snow plow before the accident Jeremy Renner on the snow plow before the accident

Everything, absolutely everything, on Big Brother Vip – special

GOLDEN PRISON – In fact, in recent times Patrizia, increasingly nervous, had done nothing but argue with the other over of the House, Wilma Goich (even if later, during the live confrontation, they make up). Patrizia takes flight and Wilma is also eliminated (much to her delight). Too bad, however, that she too, as happened previously with Charlie Gnocchi, draws the container that cancels the elimination and sends her directly back to the golden prison.

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EX BOYFRIENDS – The episode was also marked by the confrontation between the (now ex) sweethearts of the House, Antonella Fiordelisi and Edoardo Donnamaria. Edoardo took courage with both hands and decided to free himself from what in all respects seems like a toxic love. “His behavior the last few days makes me puke,” he said using strong words. In fact, their story is characterized by excessive jealousy of her, who can't stand Edoardo getting close to any of her. But the thing is not mutual: she has always enjoyed making him jealous. Result: it's breaking (for now). While the sufferings of poor Attilio Romita continue, he wanders disconsolate: his partner Mimma, furious about his flirtation with Sarah Altobello, has left him and turns to him only through lawyers. And he now fears, once he leaves the house, of losing love and finding himself in the middle of the street.